Websites That Sell Reports Social Media SEO Continues to Increase in Importance

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Websites That Sell publishes new information on search engines and how they now incorporate social media communications into the search engine ranking process

Websites That Sell, a Company On The Sunshine Coast specializing in SEO in Australia, highlights the importance of optimizing all communications with consumers, including those on social networks, as search engines are now taking the social networks into consideration when ranking sites. Social Media News reports that, as of February 2014, Facebook boasted 13,000,000 users, with YouTube coming in at 12,500,000. Even Snapchat, a fairly new addition to the social networking world, collected 1,070,000 users during the month of February, showing the importance of the social networking sites.

"All search engine optimization efforts begin with keyword research, as this provides the client with information concerning his or her competitors, while also showing areas that are open for exploitation, as they are being overlooked by these competitors. Of course, the reason one begins researching keywords, however, is because they remain one of the most important factors used by search engines when ranking sites," David Krauter, founder of Websites That Sell, declares.

Companies need to make use of the keywords identified during the research process when posting on Facebook, creating copy for use with a video, or when sending out a tweet. Not only does this alert clients to what the post, video, or tweet will be covering, but will provide others with a clue to the content when the media is shared on the network. This increases the likelihood of the person clicking on the link, viewing the video or image, or reading the tweet when they receive the information via a social network.

"Although consumers are more connected than in the past, thanks to the wide range of mobile devices currently available, time remains precious. If they don't think a post, tweet, or video will interest them, chances are they will just keep scrolling. By inserting keywords into the title or text of social media postings, companies can increase the click through rate as consumers know the post is information that will pertain to them," Krauter continues.

Matt Cutts, speaking on behalf of Google, confirmed the search engine is now making use of social signals when ranking sites. Organic search results often include content with a high number of shares on social networking sites, including likes and shares on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, +1's on Google Plus, and more. Companies cannot afford to fall behind in this area, although search engines take many other factors into consideration also when ranking a site.

Krauter points out that businesses must not assume that simply having keywords in a post, tweet, or video will be enough to boost their business. One needs to ensure they update social media profiles on a regular basis, provide fresh, relevant content to keep viewers engaged, and make use of effective calls to action to make the most of their social media search engine optimization efforts. Websites That Sell assists with these tasks, along with local SEO, national SEO, eCommerce SEO, and more. Turn to Websites That Sell for all search engine optimization needs.

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