Websites Running Hoverboard Sale This Christmas

There are definite do's and don'ts when it comes to a hoverboard, read this article to know the complete story.

The hoverboard or self-balancing scooter is turning out as best-selling merchandise for kids, teenagers and adults especially during the holiday season.

Last year, there were many apprehension regarding hover boards because of reports that many of these self balancing scooter boards were prone to exploding and bursting into flames as there was no safety certification in place that time. The hoverboard is a handy and battery-powered wheeled toy. The rider can control the gear by standing on the built-in gyroscopic and sensor pads.

Consumers must be prudent when it comes to negative reports since half truths can be confusing. There are things that shoppers need to know about this hoverboard. It is a motorized gadget with two wheels without handlebars. Riders can look forward while riding rather than face to one side just like skateboards. It is possible to steer the hoverboard with slight movements of the body, legs and feet.

Two footpads sensitive to pressure can control the speed and allow rider to steer with their feet. It is important to establish a balance. Otherwise, the rider can easily fall off the board. Reports of explosion last year were allegedly caused by defective batteries. However, the hoverboard is powered by heavy-duty lithium ion batteries. These seldom overheat and blow up even under extraordinary circumstances.

In fact, recent news reports stated that damaged batteries become a problem only when nonspecific hover boards are sold for below $300 by electronic commerce sites such as Alibaba and e-Bay. Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is scrutinizing the safety of these products regardless of brands. The goal of CPSC is to determine the reason for these explosions. Investigations must be concluded to find out which trademarks are susceptible to debacles. According to regulators, it is not advisable to charge hoverboards overnight or while owners are not at home.

Consumers must also be cautious about fake merchandise that third-part vendors sell in e-Commerce platforms. The rule is to purchase the board from manufacturers to reduce risks of getting an imitation.

New hoverboards have the 2272 certification from UL which is a prominent international safety science institution. UL released the first safety certificate or guarantee to safety prerequisites for electrical structures of self-balancing scooters like the hoverboard in February of this year. Said certification took effect last May so shoppers can now buy this commodity provided it carries the UL holographic sticker or UL compliance.

The Commission also issued guideline this year regarding recalls of products which include toys and other children’s stuff. There are also safety policies for consumers especially kids when it comes to riding bicycles, skateboards or hoverboard. The latter has a maximum speed of 10 MPH which is quite hazardous for riders compared to the slow-moving skateboard.

Safety equipment is a must for hoverboard riders. The complete gear consists of the helmet; elbow and knee pads; and, wrist guards. These will reduce the dangers of injuries such as fractures and sprains.

Hoverboards have been controversial in 2015 due to injury and accident reports although the merchandise remains popular in the market.

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