Website Shares Experiences And Wisdom Of 88-year-old Scholar.

Pieter Noomen, who completed doctoral studies of theology and pastoral psychology, experienced a profound connection with the source of all existence, and through a series of writings he shares powerful messages regarding his experiences on his web-site.

While we often hear stories that tell of someone “crossing over” into a different dimension or parallel world, as human beings it’s our nature to believe that if we don’t see it or can’t explain it, it isn’t real. But according to Dr. Pieter Noomen—these other dimensions do exist!

Faith is all about believing without seeing. Dr. Pieter Noomen experienced an unexpected yet magnificent change in his spiritual path 25 years ago and shares it with anyone interested in expanding their spiritual path on his website.

On his website, this remarkable 88-year-old scholar, who recently passed, shared his many conversations with “One Holy,” the “I AM,” the “Creator,” our “Heavenly Father,” or whatever name we choose to give to the creator of the Universe. Noomen was granted ‘visits’ into another human dimension, on a spirit level, and assured us that others may also have that experience. For more information, please visit:

Sadly Dr. Noomen passed away earlier this year, but anyone can share his wealth of knowledge and experiences through the amazing legacy of his website.

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