Website Launch Introduces the Latest and Most Effective Method of Mole Removal

Details are offered at for this exciting natural product that has been proven to work equally as well for removal of skin tags, moles and warts and causes no side effects.

Appearance matters. Maybe it should not be used as a measure to judge people, but unfortunately what others look like will influence the first impression people have of them. When they have something treatable that affects their appearance like a skin growth of some type, it can give people the belief that they do not properly care for themselves.

Moles are an obvious example. Not everyone can wear a mole like Cindy Crawford; for many it can be a point of embarrassment or something that detracts from the overall appearance. This is why many have searched repeatedly for the best solutions for these skin conditions. With this in mind, Icarus P&T are announcing the launch of their new website, promoting what may be the best mole removal cream ever developed.

Company spokesman Dave Carry explained the value of their website, “If you have ever attempted to remove a mole or a skin tag, you are probably aware of the frustrating amount of products that claim to help, but are actually useless. This failure leads people to purchasing multiple types of lotions and creams to remedy their problem, only to give up after being repeatedly disappointed.”

The company is launching their new site because they want everyone to know about the high quality products they have discovered that are genuinely effective at treating these skin issues. Their newest find is Nevi-Skin, an exciting product they have found surprisingly useful at quickly removing moles, warts and skin tags. They are boasting about the safety and effectiveness of this all-natural product that is guaranteed to work and will not leave a scar. The site even discusses the money back guarantee available from the supplier that makes the product absolutely risk-free. The Nevi-Skin topical cream is available right now, they include ordering information on their site as well as reviews from previous users available on their website.

“Too often people give up on at-home remedies and force themselves to either live with the growth they find embarrassing or unappealing,” Carry explained. “In some instances they become so desperate to remove the mole that they have the doctor do it for them. This can lead to scarring and it can be hundreds of dollars more than what a natural removal product will cost. We want to make it possible for both of these groups of people to know there are safe and affordable options.”

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