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Minister and licensed psychotherapist shares profound spiritual transformation

Words have the power to transform us — to open our minds to new ideas and realities, and to sometimes take us places we’ve never been. Minister and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Pieter Noomen created to bring his insights on the reasons for our existence, on faith and on life after death to readers everywhere.

Dr. Noomen consciously searched his mind for answers to some of life’s most meaningful questions during his evening walks. One day, he found himself the bearer of many answers after experiencing transcendent experiences with who he called “the source of all existence.”

Dr. Noomen’s connection with the higher presence would ultimately last for many years, and he was granted transformative “visits” into another human dimension — on the spirit level. He freely shares the universal and eternal facts of life that were communicated to him.

As he explains on, “I can only say that the information came from a presence on my innermost spiritual level I was in communication with for some time. The words seem the result of my spirit merging with the spirit of life It/Her/Himself.”

Visitors to Dr. Noomen’s website can read about the 12 components of life through his 12 booklets: Oneness, Love, Life, Fire, Space, Connectedness, Progression, Effect, Freedom, Joy, Differentness and Harmony. Additionally, he shares 147 thought-provoking questions and the illuminating answers that came to him during his extensive communications with the All Spirit. Visitors can also read, in detail, about Dr. Noomen’s many “visits into the real reality,” learn 10 rules for praying and glean valuable insights from Dr. Noomen’s numerous lessons and stories.

Ultimately, Dr. Noomen came to believe that directly or indirectly, life stems from one common source, and that to connect with that source is the highest level of existence we can achieve on earth.

Born in the Netherlands, Pieter Noomen completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and was senior minister of three protestant churches. Later, he worked as a psychotherapist and as a staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church. He was involved in mental health issues like suicide prevention and hospice. Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away in 2019, but his wealth of wisdom and insights freely shared on will continue to inspire people throughout the world to broaden their spiritual paths.

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week at

“Strip away all the differences between humans and what we'll find they have in common is that they all are in life, that they exist. Just having life makes us all a part of the universe and of eternity. It's pure idiocy to not treat the life in us and of others around us as sacred; both, in our mind and in how we behave.”

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