WebMotion Media Launches Game Plan Initiative Emphasizing Caliber of Marketing Aim

Developing clear goals and maintaining follow-up measures are as important to successful digital marketing as web design and advertising, publishes web-motion.co.uk.

Statistics recently released from the advertising sector indicate less than 25 percent of companies throughout the UK are satisfied with their current level of digital marketing, meaning the remaining 75 percent of area businesses are lacking in this regard. Additionally, almost half those making use of available media channels to at least some degree have no strategy in place defining their end goals. In light of these developing shortfalls and unfocused tangibility, Tim Smith of WebMotion Media has launched the company's game plan initiative.

Said Smith, "Digital marketing is an all-inclusive process ranging from basic web design to extensive follow up measures. While some aspects are universal across all industries, certain elements are unique to the business in question. Sitting down with clients to create a distinctive blueprint before taking any steps toward brand promotion is vital to seeing any level of positive results. The purpose of our game plan initiative is to not only emphasize the importance of developing a strategy, but ensure proper follow-through once the plan has been laid out."

Based on information found at web-motion.co.uk, video has become one of the most prominent components of drawing in leads and fostering a strong customer relationship. Though virtually all businesses can benefit from this combination of audio and visual elements, where these should be displayed tends to vary by industry. Whereas one company may fare better via YouTube and posts on related business sites, another may benefit more from Facebook or other social media outlets. This depends largely on target audiences and typical customer demographics.

Once a clear plan has been created and put into effect, companies must adhere to routine updates. Consumer mind-set is continually changing; therefore, a business's marketing efforts must likewise evolve to keep up with such alterations. Industry experts note what is highly effective in attracting clients and holding their attention one month may not be as productive the next.

Concluded Smith, "Bearing in mind those aspects important to customers is key in developing an effective strategy and ensuring it remains so throughout the course of a marketing campaign. Much to our surprise, an estimated half of businesses in our area fail to monitor just how effective their current measures are. Without keeping tabs on this aspect, a great deal of time, effort and money is wasted when it could be allotted to more worthy channels. As potential clients can see at http://web-motion.co.uk/our-story, we focus on all elements of digital marketing to help boost local businesses to the tops of their fields. From there, we continue to monitor our combined efforts to confirm they're generating results."

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