Webdesign 101 Launched Fostering Business Growth, Combating Surging Failure Rate

Combining a strong online presence with fully optimised website design gives businesses a virtual upper hand, publishes webdesign101.berlin

According to the most recent report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, an estimated 100 million new businesses crop up around the world each year. In contrast, approximately 80 percent of start-ups fail within their first year. While many of these closures can be chalked up to substandard management and insufficient planning, poorly developed online presence is rapidly making its way to the top of the list of common reasons for business downfall. In an effort to help combat this epidemic, spokesperson Kyra Pieterse has launched a new branch of Berlin-based website design firm Yeah Can.

Said Pieterse, "Businesses operating without a website altogether are destined to be overshadowed by all those taking advantage of the online world. If a site doesn't appear on the first page of search results, though, it doesn't exist in the eyes of the public. Webdesign 101, our recently established B2C division, caters to clients looking for direct website development services. While we offer eye-catching website designs, we also delve far below the surface to help clients use their sites to their fullest benefit."

As noted on the Webdesign 101 website, http://webdesign101.berlin/, the company creates websites based on WordPress, a global front runner in online platforms. This content management system has been touted for its user-friendly nature as well as responsive design geared toward the growing number of consumers searching for products and services from their mobile devices. In addition to overall design, the company fosters search engine optimisation efforts with content creation services.

Designs accessible via http://webdesign101.berlin/ include the simplified content updating capabilities for which WordPress has become known; at the same time, the format is scalable to accommodate future growth. A variety of additional options are available, allowing for customisation based on the specific needs of each company. Webdesign 101 likewise provides ongoing optimisation and support for clients.

"The internet isn't going away, but it's going to continue to grow and evolve," concluded Pieterse. "We help clients develop their brands and spread the word about their companies while remaining on top of the latest developments. Our goal is to give our clients a leading edge amidst the growing sea of competition. We're here to cover our clients behind-the-scenes needs, so they can focus on building stronger relationships with their customers."

About Webdesign 101:

Dedicated to helping businesses enhance their online presences, the Webdesign 101 team combines functional and visually appealing design with relevant copy, keyword analysis and SEO to ensure clients are able to take full advantage of the promotional opportunities the internet holds in store.

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