We Train Atlanta Launches New Atlanta Bootcamp Program For Fitness

Atlanta-personaltraining.com Introduces Atlanta Bootcamp training to join their other personal fitness fitness programs.

Writing for the online health magazine “Active.com” feature columnist Alana Brager reports on the “6 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer.” Alana Brager explains, “The use of a personal fitness trainer can enhance any exercise session. Whether it be for one session or for a prolonged series of sessions, this trainer has a chance to focus on you and what you are training to achieve. Professional trainers can use their knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition to tailor a plan that is especially designed for your needs. Personal trainers work with their clients to make sure each of them achieves their individual goals both during that particular work-out and in the long term.”

Working with their clients to meet all of their fitness, nutrition and longevity goals is the We Train Atlanta company. Atlanta Personal Trainer, Owner and CEO of We Train Atlanta Elmore McConnell explains his own fitness background in this way, “I do not just see myself as an Atlanta or Buckhead Personal Trainer, but as a 'Body Transformation Expert' that has been able to work wonders with a diverse group of clients. I have experience in physical therapy, athletic enhancement, muscle sculpting and losing weight in a healthy manner. I am proud to say that our clients become close with myself and my team as we work together to make their goals a reality.”

Elmore McConnell elaborates on why hiring a personal trainer can be the key to achieving one's health, fitness and weight loss goals. “When you work with a personal trainer, you have chosen to work with an individual that understands your individual needs. They will work with you to devise a plan of action based on how you eat, move, work and play.”

Mr. McConnell explains how this is done. “Using forms of exercise that can be easily incorporated into any daily schedule and foods that naturally appeal to our clients, we are able to keep them on target. While everyone can join a gym on their own, it is clear that too many people can not continue without proper guidance and a customized plan of action.”

Adding to the list of services that that his team provides to their clients, Elmore McConnell is proud to announce the new BootCamp Atlanta offered by We Train Atlanta. “We now offer another way to integrate fitness into the lifestyle of our clients. Our Bootcamp is now available to further assist everyone with their health, nutrition and fitness goals. Our program has been especially developed to meet the needs of everyone who places a prority on getting fit and staying in optimal physical shape.”

Elmore adds, “Our Bootcamp program offers increased methods of targeting extra fat and sculpting the body. Each trainer is experienced in assisting Bootcamp participants in sculpting troublesome areas of the body like the stomach, arms, legs and especially the thighs. By working out with others in this way, our clients have a chance to achieve the highest form of fitness, self esteem and personal satisfaction.”

About We Train Atlanta:

The mission of We Train Atlanta is to help all of their clients look and feel better physically through professional fitness training. With personal attention to exercise, nutrition and set goals, trainers develop long term relationships with their clients. The experienced team at We Train Atlanta is able to assist clients so that everyone can achieve fitness at the level right for them. Using a customized plan of nutrition, fitness and health based knowledge, trainers design customized plans that target client goals.

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