Waxlander Gallery Presents New Oils by Marshall Noice

Waxlander Gallery to Host Marshall Noice for a One-Man Oil Show.

Waxlander Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden on historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico presents a one-man show, featuring new oils by Marshall Noice. The exhibition will run Tuesday, June 24 through Monday, July 7, 2014, and the opening reception will be from 5-7:30pm MST on Friday, June 27th at the gallery. Admission is free for anyone who wishes to attend this landmark event, and visitors will have the opportunity to speak with Noice about his creative process.

Noice is known for his vibrant oil compositions, filled with richly saturated hues, and about his upcoming show, Noice says, “The oil paintings in my upcoming exhibit demonstrate a new approach to handling combinations of color in my work. Over the last year I’ve become increasingly interested in approaches to color harmony that are new to me. I’ve studied [I think mastered!] analogous color harmony and split complementary color harmony.” He continues, “Fans of my work who have an understanding of color theory will still recognize my tried and true approaches to handling diverse color schemes – triad and tetrad color relationships – all within the context of a beautiful landscape!”

Noice’s perpetual inspiration is landscape, and the artist is far more interested in painting what he feels than what he sees. He explains, “I am inspired by new ways of looking at color. I confess my latest work is even less literal than it has been in the past. Though the references to the landscape are still apparent, the paintings are decidedly more abstract, particularly in regards to color. The art viewer might discover that my paintings are as much about color as about the landscape!”

Waxlander Gallery looks forward to hosting this energetic show, a display of evocative pieces paired with the exuberance of Noice himself.

Marshall Noice makes paintings in response to things he sees and experiences he has in the natural world. In his own words, “[My paintings] capture a place at a particular time. And they capture a moment in my sensibility.” Noice feels a magnetic-like attraction to certain places in nature, and it is that attraction that prompts him to express his experiences through painting. Noice finds mystery and magic in places that others might simply pass by, and the viewer of his work is the lucky beneficiary of Noice’s connection to the natural world. How does he know he’s on the “right track” with a given painting? He answers, “Occasionally while I’m working on a painting in my studio I can almost feel the sun, smell the rain, or hear the wind. That’s when I know I’m on the right track.” The artist makes a conscious decision to push his intellect aside in order to make ample room for emotion, inspiration and the skill of his hand.

For additional information on Marshall Noice and his upcoming show at Waxlander Gallery, please call (505) 984-2202, and visit his artist page here: http://www.waxlander.com/artist/34/marshall-noice.

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