Water4Patriots Recommends Hydroponics for an Indoor Garden

For those who wish to do their gardening indoors and without soil, hydroponics is the answer.

With gardening season rapidly approaching, much will be heard about the importance of soil and how much of a difference the quality of soil can make in a plant’s growth.

But the folks at Water4Patriots (www.Water4Patriots.com), scheduled to launch during the first quarter of 2014, believe that water is more important to the growth of a plant than soil. In fact, soil is not even crucial for a plant’s growth.

Inorganic ions in water are the important mineral nutrients that are absorbed by plants. Soil does fulfill the role of a mineral nutrient reservoir in nature, but it is not required for plant growth. When those essential mineral nutrients are brought into a plant’s water supply through an artificial method, soil is not really needed for the plant’s growth. That’s what hydroponic gardening is all about.

Hydroponics can be quite challenging, especially at first, but it’s also very rewarding after the basics are learned. Once indoor grow lights are chosen, different types of hydroponic systems are understood and some of the skills of indoor gardening are learned, this method is found to be just as or even more enjoyable than outdoor gardening for many people.

Among the many components of this comprehensive system of gardening are the nutritional and lighting requirements of the specific plants being grown, and developing a feeding plan prior to planting.

One of the biggest advantages of hydroponics, especially for people to whom patience does not come naturally, is the unusually fast growth rates that occur. This is made possible by the plant not having to grow roots down into soil to mine for food.

Among the different hydroponic growing systems are hand watering, the reservoir method, the flood and drain method, the drip system, the nutrient film technique, the wick system, and aeroponics. Instead of soil, plants can be grown in an inert medium, such as rockwool, expanded clay pellets, perlite, perlite/vermiculite mix, perlite/coconut coir mix, or volcanic rock chips.

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