Water4Patriots Customers Praise Portable Survival Spring Water Filter

People who have used the Survival Spring portable water filter from 4Patriots LLC are singing its praises.

All companies want potential customers to think their products are the best. But sometimes advertising pitches fall flat because those targeted know the company is biased. They would much rather hear from the company’s customers to see what their experience has been.

That’s why 4Patriots LLC of Nashville, Tenn., has set up review sites for its products, including its Water4Patriots offerings. On this review site, customers can give honest assessments of products such as the Survival Spring for potential customers to see.

“Many people are rightfully concerned about the number of dangerous contaminants showing up in water across the country,” said 4Patriots Partner Allen Baler. “With a number of different water filtration systems on the market, those people want to know how well specific products perform.”

The Survival Spring is compact enough to carry in a pocket or backpack, but powerful enough to remove up to 99 percent of bacteria and other contaminants. Each Survival Spring can filter up to 300 gallons of water from any fresh water source with its unique two-step filtration process. It’s nine inches long and weighs only two ounces, and is made of BPA-free, food-grade materials.

Users are reporting their experiences with the Survival Spring. Here are some of them:

“I invested in the Survival Spring for several reasons. First I thought it had to be a fluke. Nothing could do what they said this little item could do, but it does and is lightweight, efficient, is small enough to carry in my purse/back pack and uses no batteries. It was an exceptional value for the money. – Wendy G.

“I experimented with tap water from a treated supply. The first thing I noticed was that the water had a better taste as chemicals were removed.” – Dennis M.

“The Survival Spring is valuable in that it is lightweight and easily packable when headed out hunting, fishing, biking or simply for placement in your bug-out bag or car as a standby for emergencies. It offers you the peace of mind of clean, parasite-free water when using a questionable source for consumption.” – Bruce

“Great addition to my survival kit. Plan on purchasing more for the rest of the family.” – Lynn

“Worked well on a scouting trip. Easy to use, handy for hiking trips and survival training. Will carry it on all hikes and in the car when venturing in the outdoors.” – Ron W.

Water4Patriots provides products that help people eliminate contaminants from their drinking water, including the Alexapure Pro tabletop water purifier, the Alexapure Pro Go Bottle and the Survival Spring straw. Each product purifies contaminated water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious water.

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