Water—Diet.com Publishes New Editorial On Lemon Water Infusion Weight Loss Evolution

Water—Diet.com is a resource center for those looking to lose weight via the water diet, and has published a new guide to the lemon water diet an increasingly popular variant of the water diet.

The water diet is not water fasting, which can be hazardous to health. Instead, the water diet aims to use water to make up for the calorie deficit in a traditional diet by filling the stomach in such a way that aids digestion of low carb, low fat foods and helps rid the body of excess water weight. By ingesting 64 ounces of water every day individuals can shed pounds fast. Water—Diet.com is an online resource center explaining the diet in detail, and has now published new material on the lemon water diet.

The lemon water diet differs in that it adds lemon to the 64 ounces of water ingested, which makes the water more substantial and even includes things like vital ascorbic acid, which helps the stomach draw nutrients from the water and therefore digest it more slowly than simply flushing it through the bladder.

Both the water and lemon water diets enable the body to shed water weight because the plentiful availability of fresh water means there is no need to hold on to water. The site also includes useful tips like using ice water, which needs more calories to be digested as the body must bring it up to the normal temperature before processing it.

A spokesperson for Water—Diet.com explained, “The water diet is a simple and inexpensive way to lose weight and we have been promoting it for several years now. The lemon water diet is a slight tweak on the classic methodology that many people have found is significantly more effective than drinking water alone, so we offered a detailed investigation of the effects so our readers could decide if they wanted to use this adaptation to help them shed more pounds more quickly. We also provide advice and guidance on what to eat and what to avoid so whichever they choose, people can undertake the diet safely.”

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