Wasatch Smart Finance warn Utahans that Mortgage Protection Insurance is a must aviod product

Wasatch Smart Finance, renowned in Utah for its life insurance, annuity and financial coaching services, right now they are trying to inform new home owners what Mortgage Protection Insurance is and why to avoid it.

Syracuse, UT: According to announcements released by Wasatch Smart Finance and Kit Eizenga, the company wants to issue a warning about mortgage protection insurance and their lead companies’ obvious unethical tactics.

Kit discusses his own experiences after he purchased his home in March 2019. He received several highly untrustworthy mortgage protection insurance leads forms pretending to be his lender. Kit wants to warn new homeowners that if they have received any letters with the following language that they should ignore them:


Kit further warns to notice the language in these ad’s or lead generation forms is not there to educate about mortgage protection insurance but to create fear or a sense of urgency. Most people don’t even know what mortgage protection insurance is Kit explains. They often confuse it with Private mortgage insurance. PMI is the insurance to cover the difference in cost if your lender had to foreclose on your house if you had an FHA loan.

What is the definition of mortgage protection insurance? All mortgage protection insurance is life insurance that covers the cost of your home. This coverage is decreasing coverage also that you pay more for because it often lacks a physical exam. Many of these insurances are from less than reputable companies that you have probably never even heard of. Most mortgage protection insurance companies are not mainstream reliable companies with good insurance company ratings. Kit reminds us to always check the rating of any insurance company before purchasing with them. More than likely you will not even be able to get a quote for mortgage protection insurance online. The FTC has written multiple warnings about this type of insurance.

What should consumers purchase instead of mortgage protection insurance? Term Life Insurance comes at a much lower price and can be used on whatever you want or need to use your term life insurance policy for not just paying of your mortgage premium. Many term life insurance polices also come with living benefits that cover critical, chronic and even terminal illness. Wasatch Smart Finance has joined hands with multiple insurance providers to offer Utah residents the widest choice in term life insurance at the best possible rates.

Choice in life insurance includes term life insurance that allows the insured party to benefit from a needs-based calculation; indexed universal life insurance that also doubles as a saving product and an alternate vehicle for funds after retirement; and final expense products that are an option for older individuals with health issues. The company offers a free notarized will for any life insurance quote provided.

According to Kit Eizenga, owner/operator and insurance advisor, Wasatch Smart Finance consistently connects people with the right product because of its sophisticated quote engine. The business is driven by the principle of providing the highest quality term life insurance policies at the lowest prices. Purchasers have the freedom to compare life insurance products and select the one from a provider that offers the best package in terms of value and cost.

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Wasatch Smart Finance is known for its life insurance, annuities, and financial coaching services. The company has helped individuals find the right term life insurance policy to replace mortgage protection insurance.

Talking about his passion for what he does and the need for establishing Wasatch Smart Finance, Kit said, “I felt that there were plenty of life insurance companies out there, just not enough of them that cared about people’s total financial futures. This is what inspired me to open Wasatch Smart Finance. I wanted to have a place where people could discuss their financial issues beyond just life insurance. A place where we can talk about estate and retirement planning.

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