War Scooters Increases Available Stock in Preparation for Increase in 2015 Seasonal Online Sales of Pro Scooters

War Scooters increases stock of pro scooters, which remain at the top of consumer’s wish lists this holiday shopping season.

War Scooters increases stock of pro scooters, which remain at the top of consumer’s wish lists this holiday shopping season.

Bend, OR, United States of America -- December 6, 2015 - The U.S. Census Bureau advanced estimates of 2015 U.S. Retail and food services sales leading up to the holiday shopping season have shown 1.7% increase over retail sales from last year, and the trend is expected to continue through December. Sales of sporting goods in particular have already surpassed last year’s totals of $63 billion, and are expected continue strong through the end of the year.

Nearly half of all sales of sporting goods sold come from athletic and sporting good equipment sales, from products such as pro scooters. Online sales of sporting equipment have shown year over year growth, and online retailers such as War Scooters are ready for the increased consumer interest in pro scooters and other sporting equipment.

“We spend all year preparing for this season -- making sure we have the latest models in stock and ready to ship in time for the holidays,” says War Scooters director of operations, Kevin Mooney. The pro scooter industry continues to grow, with more events, exposure, and interest in scooters each year.”

Complete pro scooters are built for more strength and longevity than the standard kick scooters that are available in many toy stores across the country. As the popularity of kick scooters rose, and riders began to demand equipment that could better withstand more elaborate tricks, the pro scooter industry was born. Today, these scooters are made from high quality metals such as the same aluminum used to make aircraft components. Pro scooters often outnumber skateboards at skate parks, and special events take place across the country where pro and amatuer riders showcase their talents. The popularity of scooters puts them firmly at the top consumer’s holiday shopping lists, and War Scooters is stocked up and ready to fill orders this season.

About War Scooters
War Scooters was born in the Pacific Northwest, where there is a huge demand for extreme sports and outdoor recreational equipment. An online pro scooter shop dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the pro scooter industry, War Scooters carries the latest scooters and accessories. War Scooters’ wants scooter enthusiasts everywhere to “wage war against doing nothing,” and to get out and ride whenever possible. In addition to a huge selection of scooter equipment, parts, and accessories, War Scooters also has an ever expanding library of educational, entertaining, and informational videos available to help consumers learn more about pro scooters.

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