#WantNews has launched a new app that makes it easier for people to get curated news

#WantNews is a novel news curation and management service that enables people to view stories relevant to them.

#WantNews is a novel news curation and management service that enables people to view stories relevant to them. The app - developed during the coronavirus lockdown - filters and ranks the news in real-time, helping users avoid wasting time trying to find journalistic content. "Personalized news is the problem,” according to the new service, “not the solution."

The #WantNews app filters and ranks the news using a variety of tools, including custom feeds, social media metrics, and human curation. The system helps users reliably find what is important to them, avoiding endless scrolling characteristic of so many solutions on the market. With reduced thumb-swiping, users get a list of ranked and filtered stories tailored to them.

Andrew Gregory is the app's creator, a full-time emergency and critical care nurse living and working in Northern Canada. From March until September - the peak of the lockdown - Gregory worked non-stop on the app while off-duty as part of his mission to help people get a better handle on the news.

To create it, he used Bubble.io, a no-code app building platform that allows users to develop software with no pre-existing knowledge of programming. The result of his efforts is a user-friendly service that provides high-quality, curated content to a news-saturated online audience.

#WantNews explicitly weights user news feeds in favor of authentic journalistic content. It whitelists domains with global reputations, ensuring that trusted, international brands top its lists, while ignoring everything else.

The site seeks to understand the psychology of news consumption better. Gregory believes that many users suffer from the fear of missing out because they don't have time to sift through their entire news feeds to extract relevant stories. #WantNews will offer users peace of mind, providing them with data-driven news feeds that give them the information they would have consumed were more time available.

Fundamentally, #WantNews wants to transition users towards a model where users are better able to find out what matters in the world, instead of merely what is happening. Thus, the platform is ungated and open to all. Furthermore, Gregory says that he intends to uphold the strictest of journalistic standards, reducing the incidence of media disinformation or content that could manipulate or demoralize its readers.

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Organization: Want News
Address: 1103 - 11871 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A 5H5
Website: https://want.news/

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