Wandres Law Assists Those Affected by an Auto Accident or Other Personal Injury

Wandres Law represents both plaintiffs and defendants, allowing them to see all sides.

Lost wages become a problem for many following an auto accident or other type of personal injury, and this is especially true for those who are self employed. Many people wonder how they receive a fair amount for the time lost from work while they recover from their injuries.

"If you are injured through the fault of another, you need to contact a Tulsa personal injury lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, including lost wages. Personal injury claims are one type of claim you should never try to handle on your own without legal representation. Insurers are in in the business of minimizing the amount that they pay on personal injury claims to increase their own profit. This is especially true for those who are self employed, as it may be difficult to determine and prove the compensation you are entitled to," Zach, media contact for Wandres Law, declares.

"The injury accident lawyers of Wandres Law sit down with you to determine how to appropriately calculate your lost wages, and can determine what information or documents that might be necessary to be successful in obtaining payment for your lost wages," Zach continues.

"An accident attorney Oklahoma works to protect the rights of the injured party while holding the person or persons responsible for their actions. In addition to being compensated for lost wages, the injured party should receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and more. No matter what type of accident you are involved in, from bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, to wrongful death cases, the Tulsa personal injury attorneys of Wandres Law work to ensure that no stone goes unturned in their effort to obtain a fair settlement of your personal injury claim."

"Personal injury lawsuits and claims tend to be very complex, involving a large number of factors which must be taken into consideration. For this reason, injured parties need to hire an experienced Tulsa personal injury attorney to ensure they receive the compensation deserved. Wandres Law stands out from other law firms in that they represent both plaintiffs and defendants. This allows them to understand how each side thinks and the strategies used to prosecute and defend cases. Call on Wandres Law if you have been injured through the actions of another. They will work tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation you deserve," Zach exclaims.

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Wandres Law takes a unique approach to staying ahead of the competition. Their injury accident attorneys began their careers primarily representing defendants before forming Wandres Law. This allows them to see all perspectives of a case while also helping the attorneys calculate the opposition's next move. Understanding the motivation of each has lead to great success during settlement negotiations, mediation, and trial, and has increased customer satisfaction. Clients of Wandres Law feel he or she can approach their attorney or team to have their questions answered at any time. Wandres Law values its clients as people, rather than just another case number.

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