Walletisland.com Launched Aiding Men In The Growing Search For New Wallets

Style and functionality are important aspects of a wallet, but what constitutes these elements is different for everyone, publishes walletisland.com.

According to recent reports, men's accessories have seen a continual uptick in sales over the last five years with wallets being among the most sought-after items in this category. Manufacturers have taken notice of this new level of consumer interest, generating a number of new options in their efforts to gain a share of the market. Though this development gives the public a broader selection, it also widens the gap of confusion among those shopping for such items. With this in mind, Adrian Brown has launched Walletisland.com.

Said Brown, "Wallets are crucial items in men's caches of accessories. It's been said the most important elements of a wallet are style and functionality; of course, neither is universal. Each aspect depends on the man, his social and professional circles and his own preferences. A Harley-Davidson burnished tri-fold chain wallet ranging in the neighborhood of $60 might be perfect for one whereas another would be best served by a $650 Brooks Brothers alligator bi-fold. We offer reviews, best lists, articles and a range of other information designed to help our readers find the wallets that are right for them."

According to www.walletisland.com, slim wallets are among the industry's rising favorites. With business and credit cards, receipts and cash being phased out by their digital counterparts, carrying a wallet with a bulky profile is becoming less necessary for many. While much of the bulk of the past is waning, card carriers are also finding themselves at greater risk of identity theft, bringing about a growing demand for RFID protection.

Walletisland.com covers a range of topics, such as style choice and material. A number of features available in today's wallets, such as card capacity, profile, design and storage versatility, are likewise detailed. The website also discusses price as it relates to quality, construction, brand and other factors. Slim, chain and cardholder wallets are among the categories investigated with wallets rated based on price, pros and cons.

Concluded Brown, "With so many different wallets on the market and more being added seemingly every day, deciding which ones are best isn't easy. It's also a matter of determining exactly why some are so expensive. We're here to help clear up some of the perplexities of the industry and help readers not only find a wallet that fits their needs, but be better informed on which ones are worth their price. We'll continue to update our website as new information comes to light."

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Specializing in men's wallets, Walletisland.com is a website dedicated to helping readers compare and contrast different models, features, brands and other factors.

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