Wall Street Dwellers — NFTs that work for you

Wall Street Dweller is a utility-based NFT collection that introduces a unique concept of generating long-term value for its NFT holders.

Wall Street Dwellers (WSD) aims to become a global powerhouse for NFT holders, bringing together assets that they feel will be profitable in the long run. With over 5,555 Dwellers, all suited up wandering the streets as bears, bulls, and wolves ready to be minted by the WSD community. The primary purpose is to provide NFT holders with a new utility-based NFT that has never been seen previously in this space.

Every holder of the NFT will gain access to the immaculate utilities provided by the team. The utilities are divided into four central pillars: NFT Burn, Crypto calls, DAO investments, and Crypto VC. NFT Burn is the first utility pillar to give value back to the holders. Burn reduces total supply causing appreciation in the value of remaining NFTs.

The plan is to burn around 40% of the collection and leave only 3,333 NFTs in total for the public market. Through a community-based NFT switch process, the Dwellers that people like the least will be burned. This will ensure that the remaining NFT will remain valuable. Apart from the first pillar, the team will provide crypto calls for all NFT holders. This would include trading calls, NFT calls, memecoin calls, staking and yield farming, and low market cap gems.

A fund from NFT mint revenue meant for investments in promising crypto and metaverse projects will be set up. It’ll be called DAO Investment. After the NFT burn program, part of the 5% royalties from the secondary market will also be used for DAO investments. This will allow NFT holders to profit without being active in the NFT marketplace, regardless of bull or bear market cycles.

Once the minting is done and dusted, the team at WSD will start work on VC “Plug Ventures”, reaching out and forming partnerships with other projects, brands and social media influencers to build a permanent presence in the crypto space. Besides that, the social media team of WSD is very active on Twitter and has constant community engagement.

The team aims to become a marketing powerhouse for major projects through all these partnerships formed. The team hopes to provide NFT holders with opportunities to invest in highly sought-after and long-term crypto projects through all these partnerships.

For NFT minters, there are loads of exclusive perks ready for them. These perks will still be available for minters even after they’ve sold their NFT on the secondary market. The early minters of WSD will be part of the family forever. For minters who get their hands on an “OG” Wall Street Dweller will not only have one of the most exclusive NFTs available, but they’ll also receive the highest rewards possible.

For more information and updates, be sure to follow their Twitter and Discord channels.

About Wall Street Dwellers

Wall Street Dwellers is a new class utility-based NFT. The team behind this NFT aims to help holders of Wall Street Dwellers earn even without having to be active in the NFT marketplace. Loaded with utilities, exclusive benefits and mint rewards, WSD has a lot to offer in the NFT space. One of the main goals of the team is to be the best community-driven crypto VC.

Contact Info:
Name: Wall Street Dwellers
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Organization: Wall Street Dwellers
Address: Soseaua Pipera 61, București, Romania, 77190
Phone: +40743384661
Website: https://linktr.ee/wallstreetdwellers

Release ID: 89058393