Wall Nanny Offers Solution to Common Pet and Baby Gate Problems

The Wall Nanny protects your walls from damage caused by pressure-mounted gates such as a baby, pet, or dog gate. This wall protector not only stops gate damage but also stabilizes the gate so it won't slip and fall down, thus creating a safety hazard.

The Wall Nanny is saving parents and pet owners hundreds of dollars in wall repair costs from the damage caused by pressure mounted baby gates. With the Wall Nanny, you will no longer have drywall, paint, or wallpaper repair costs.

Why Do Pressure Mounted Safety Gates Cause Wall Damage? Pressure mounted gates use a spindle with a rubber end that pressurizes the gate against the wall so it stays upright. As kids, pets, or toddlers bump or shake the gate; the spindle rubber pad will gouge and scuff the wall, leaving wall damage after the removal of the gate.

How Does the Wall Nanny Help? The Wall Nanny is a baby gate wall protector that fits between the rubber end of the spindle and the wall. This spreads out the pressure to a larger surface area that is absorbed by the soft rubber backing of the Wall Nanny, thus eliminating damage. The Wall Nanny fits in most places that a safety gate can go. The slim design allows it to be used on baseboards or molding and doorways or door frames. Most other protectors are too big to fit in this space.

Added Safety Benefits: The larger surface area of the Wall Nanny and raised lettering of the soft rubber backing allows for more traction against the wall. This helps stabilize the gate so it does not slip, slide, and fall down and become a safety issue. The flat top and bottom design of the Wall Nanny allow it to sit flush against the ground, so gates don't have to be raised off the ground and allow a gap for baby's or pets to get their hands or paws stuck under the gate.

Where is it Manufactured? The Wall Nanny is manufactured in the USA by TMW Family Company, LLC.

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