Wakefield Electric Launches Home Charging Station Installation For Electric Vehicle Owners

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As electric and hybrid vehicles become more commonplace, Wakefield Electric of Orange County offers to install home charge points for maximum convenience.

Hybrid vehicles and electric cars are finally proving a viable alternative to combustible fuel powered cars. Internal combustion still affords several advantages however, and the range of electric cars is greatly limited, meaning they can only be used for short commutes about town. The biggest inconvenience is leaving cars for hours at charging stations, largely found in gas stations. Wakefield Electric of Orange Country is offering to install custom charging points in homes to help people take up the environmental cause without sacrificing convenience and ease of use, giving homeowners their own personal Orange County car charging stations.

Information has been added to their website showing one of the charge points they have already installed in an Orange County home to inspire people to follow suit. Their recent experience of installing charge points means they have refined the science to an art form and can ensure installations are unobtrusive and perfectly placed for maximum convenience.

The company has installed Orange County car charging stations for Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla owners, helping them overcome the obvious shortcomings of a charge point on average over 20 miles from home. The work completed by WakefieldElectric.com can be arranged to fit with the client’s schedule and the charge point itself can be placed in the ideal part of the house. As electric cars become more popular the sight of Wakefield Electric’s famous van will become ever more common throughout the county.

A spokesperson for WakefieldElectric.com explained, “Jason D. Wakefield is a skilled electrician and has a deeply founded commitment to constantly developing his skill set and perfecting new niches in his field of expertise. His mastery of electric car charge points is bound to pay dividends as California leads the way in the uptake of electric vehicles, and having a home charge point installed is the absolute best way of getting the most out of owning such a vehicle. There is no one better in the Orange County region to undertake this service, and with outstanding prices and service, customers are guaranteed satisfaction.”

About Wakefield Electric:
Jason D. Wakefield Electric has been operating in Orange County for more than 40 years. They are certified electricians that genuinely care about helping their customers. They can help with any type of electrical issue including installing Orange County car charging stations and they are just a phone call away.

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Phone: (714) 883-5064
Website: http://wakefieldelectric.com/

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Name: Jason D. Wakefield
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