VWellness offers sound therapy sessions using Himalayan singing bowls to support mental health and relieve physical stress

VWellness has started offering sound therapy to help better sleep, relieve stress, anxiety, tension, and physical pain.

VWellness has announced a new sound therapy service as part of its authentic and holistic wellness services. This supportive body therapy is used to help better sleep, relieve stress, anxiety, tension, and even physical pain. This healing modality has existed for centuries with proven results dating back to ancient Greek times, and it was even used by Tibetan monks and indigenous Australians over 40,000 years ago.

The benefits of sound therapy have also been explored in much greater detail than before. Today, sound therapy is becoming more well-known and is considered an effective treatment for mental and physical health issues. This includes treating issues such as insomnia, but also migraines, depression, and even high blood pressure. Different practitioners use their own techniques and instruments to achieve inner alignment for their clients, and Himalayan singing bowls have been shown to be a powerful medium that VWellness specialises in. This therapy can help to align energy centres and offer spiritual relief too.

“The singing bowls act as a medium in which our inner chaos and conflict can be configured into a harmonious sense of calm centeredness that resonates through every cell of our body and mind”, says Mitchell L Gaynor MD, a Manhattan oncologist and popular author that has taught cancer patients to supplement conventional medicine with sound therapy. “Sound can play a role in virtually any medical disorder since it redresses imbalances in every physiological function”.

VWellness is a multi-service health company, with a focus on wellness and personal development. Their aim is to help clients create space and strength to push past their fears and limiting beliefs in order to live a more authentic and holistic life. In addition to sound therapy, which includes sound baths and sound massage, they also specialise in mindfulness coaching, women's circles and workplace wellness.

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