VTEC Lasers & Sensors: A Digital Transformation by DigitaliseSME

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Leading digital marketing agency, Lytron, selected to work with DigitaliseSME, a digital transformation initiative by the EU to help small businesses grow internationally

DigitaliseSME is a pilot project funded by the European Commission at the initiative of the European Parliament to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The EU project has selected Lytron, a digital marketing agency that focuses on lead generation to work with VTEC Lasers and Sensors. This is in line with DigitaliseSME’s goal of helping small businesses reach out to new potential customers using digital marketing and online channels as they look to expand their reach internationally.

The European Parliament understands that the expertise and time needed to implement a digital project are valuable. The "Digital Enablers" will provide two weeks of desk work and go abroad for two weeks with a lump sum payment of 8.000€. Moreover, the companies they are visiting are taking care of their accommodation and their meals.

In the same vein, Lytron, a company founded in 2001 in the US and branched out to Europe in 2017 has recently been selected to help in the digitization process. Lytron is a lead generation agency that studies and explores human purchasing behaviors and uses technology to impact sales and increase ROI.

Lytron uses two approaches in their process - Credibility and Visibility. The company uses neuromarketing (psychology) to create a deeper emotional connection with the selected target audience, doing a market analysis to develop a brand message, design website, build reputation and draft a strategic marketing plan.

Lytron's visibility approach ensures that businesses are found by the target audience through Google Ads, SEO, Local Maps, Social Channels, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Email Marketing with Automation, Content Marketing, Public Relations, and Live Chat Bots with artificial intelligence.

The collaboration between Lytron and the VTEC Lasers and Sensors will be effective from August, which will involve Lyton analyzing, preparing, building, and implementing digital strategies to help them grow internationally.

Vtec Lasers and Sensors develops custom solutions to improve the quality of life.

Lytron is also working on similar projects, tagged the "immersion program," where they go into different businesses and for one month propose and implement a digital transformation process that increases leads and ROI.

DigitaliseSME has helped several small and medium businesses across Europe, with its "Preparatory Action" predicted to provide the basis to develop a broader EU program."

More information about the DigitaliseSME and how to register for participation in the program can be found on their website.

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