Volure Hair Boutique Presentes Real Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs and Weaves

Team at Volure.co.za offers advice on how to style and choose wigs, weaves and extensions in order to make them last.

According to a recent survey released, the average woman will spend in excess of $44,000 on her hair over the course of her life. This number takes into consideration trips to a salon, coloring, shampoo and conditioner, hair-styling products, accessories and products such as wigs, curling irons and straighteners. The punchline of the survey was that of the women surveyed, 83% agreed the expense was worth every penny. Matt Kingstone, spokesperson for Volure Hair Boutique was not surprised by the results, saying, "Women will pay the price to look beautiful, and for many, their hair is the crowning achievement."

At Volure Hair Boutique, Kingstone says they pay close attention to the small details women find most important. "With hair extensions and lace wigs, the details and the quality of the products are what makes or breaks the actual look a woman is going for, so we make sure our products are made to last." Seen as a feminine norm, long hair is often considered the ideal of beauty, but many women have to go to considerable "lengths" to achieve it. With quality products, Kingstone says an increasing number of women are able to purchase the looks they've long wanted to achieve.

"With our lace wigs and lace weave, any woman can now have the look they want and style it in any way they prefer. All our hair extensions and lace wigs are designed to last between for at least six months, and often last for a year or even more." Kingstone does go on to warn that most women do not wear the extensions continuously for one to two years, but rather for several months, then taking a break between for different styles.

"One of the allures of our products is that they can be dyed to match the whim of a woman's taste. But, having said that, we suggest that our clients pick out the colours they prefer from the beginning to avoid drying out the hair, especially in curly styles. But, truly, isn't that true of any hair? Extensions or not? The same holds true with the use of curling or straightening products. Yes, you can use them on your extensions or wigs, as they're real hair, but we encourage you to pick out the type of extensions you'd likely wear on a regular basis to avoid over stressing or wearing out your extensions prematurely."

About Volure Hair Boutique:

Volure Hair Boutique is a leading supplier of quality hair extensions, lace wigs, hair pieces and hair products in Johannesburg, South Africa. They currently operate out of their shop in Ferndale, Randburg at the Bram Fischer Shopping Centre. They are full aware of the fact that the key to their success is their customer – and that is why their mission is to make their customers feel amazing.

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