Voltaire Diamonds Comments on Emerging Trends in Fashion Diamond Jewellery

Online jewellery retailer Voltaire Diamonds comments on upcoming trends in fashion diamond industry, confirming that couples in the market for engagement or wedding rings are turning towards unique and proprietary diamond cuts.

When it comes to hairstyles, cut may be just a matter of fashion, but with diamonds, the cut accounts for approximately 50% of the diamond’s valuation. A well-cut diamond will increase the stone’s clarity, minimize imperfections of the stone and get the most fire and scintillation for the eye, says Sales Manager for online jewellery retailer Voltaire Diamonds, specialized in selling wedding and engagement rings.

Recently, consumers in the market for diamond jewellery have turned their attention from traditional diamond cuts such as The Princess cut or the Old European cut to contemporary, trademarked and exquisite diamond cuts created by sounding names in the fashion jewellery industry. The innovative cuts are more likely to mask imperfections in the stone such as carbon spots and piques and make it appear ‘eye-clean’ when attached to jewellery.

The company has recently commented upon the new direction most diamond shoppers have adopted when in the market for contemporary jewellery, explaining that choosing a specific diamond cut comes down to style preference.

“The customer will often choose the diamond cut based on his own personality. For example, the flirty and trendy Radiant cut is preferred by the modern woman, who isn’t afraid of experimenting the unknown. On the other hand, women concerned more with status will most likely go for the Marquise, a shape that indicates the desire for glitter and luxury. We believe that jewellery is an emotional experience where many various options and ideas require to be discussed personally with the client. Consequently, we meet all our clients personally in our office to give them the required high level of customer service.”

As one of the most recently unveiled diamond cuts, Bez Ambar’s the Blaze cut may still be unknown to the wide public, but already gaining terrain among connoisseurs, according to Voltairediamonds.com. Other exquisite cuts that have gained popularity are Garrard’s Eternal, Tolkowsky’s Gabrielle and the Royal Asscher cut.

Voltaire Diamonds offers unique jewellery collections including wedding and engagement rings, anniversary rings, pendants and earrings of the highest quality.

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Voltaire Diamonds provides handmade wedding and engagement rings, also creating unique customized designs for clients. They believe that buying jewellery is an emotional experience and proceed to meet all their clients personally in order to establish their specific needs and preferences.

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