Viralizeed Launches The Most Engaging Platform For Tracking Viral Content

Viralizeed is a one-stop website built on the latest big data technologies to track in real time the most relevant viral content. Viralizeed identifies the most relevant viral photos, viral videos and viral news shared on social media by users all around the world.

Viralizeed is pleased to announce the new website launch which integrates the wisdom of crowds concept with the latest big data technologies to track in real time the most relevant viral news, videos, music and photos.

Social media allows users around the world to express themselves digitally and to share their interests with others. Eventually, the crowd finds one bit of shared content particularly remarkable, reaching millions around the world in minutes. Somehow, the viral content is not anything else but the collective voice revealing those contents considered to be important, significant. By tracking content feeds across all social networks (YouTube, Twitter, Google and the rest of key social media players) Viralizeed helps to find easily and in real time the most relevant viral videos, viral photos and viral news. The latest music and technology contents are just a part of the range of topics.

“Viral content is by definition both rare and unique, and Viralizeed’s technology helps to get to it easily and sooner” said Diego Vegas, Viralizeed’s Chief Executive Officer. “Viralizeed’s innovative algorithms analyse four different elements (sharing speed, sharing volume, sharing reach and sharing diversity) of those contents shared on social media to identify the most relevant ones as soon as they start to become viral”.

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Name: Diego Vegas
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Organization: Viralizeed SL
Address: c/ Toques 15, 28050 Madrid. Spain
Phone: +3491391942

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