VIP Pain Relief Launches New Website Dedicated to Back Pain Patient Advocacy

Liaising between physicians and patients helps streamline the treatment process and foster healing, publishes

Studies recently released by the American Spinal Decompression Association reveal 80 percent of Americans suffer from chronic back pain at some point. Reports from the health care industry rate this issue the second leading motivation for medical visits across the country as well as the primary factor in disability claims. Due to the prominence of back pain, VIP Pain Relief has launched an online patient concierge website (

Spokesperson Ike Ukawuba, who's had back surgery in 2002, is one of the founders of this online service offering to patients. Ukawuba explained, "We understand back pain can be a life-altering issue, causing activities that were once routine tasks to become monumental undertakings. Those experiencing this type of suffering need top-notch medical care they can trust first and foremost; unfortunately, access to this level of treatment isn't always readily available. Our team acts as an advocate for patients, connecting them with the necessary physicians and providing a wide range of support."

Services provided by the staff of VIP Pain Relief are complementary. The team operates in conjunction with a network of physicians throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Among their patient services are aiding in the search for specialists, confirming insurance coverage and participation, scheduling appointments and coordinating various elements of treatment. Representatives additionally inform patients of changes in appointment times, treatment plans and other factors affecting their care.

Patient education is also listed as a company priority based on numerous medical and psychological studies indicating this factor generates greater interaction during treatment while potentially leading to improved results. Informational resources are available via the new website. VIP Pain Relief representatives engage in regularly scheduled meetings with professionals in their network to relay patient feedback and discuss aspects in need of improvement. Back pain sufferers seeking assistance may contact the company at

Ukawuba concluded, "Our team has made more than 1,000 clinic visits, and we're on a first name basis with the physicians and their staff in the area. This means we can help our patients avoid the lengthy waiting periods and frustration involved in getting through to the right physician. We take care of scheduling and care coordination, so our clients can concentrate on healing. We've provided a patient education library to foster better understanding of the conditions causing back pain; at the same time, we act as the voice of our patients, ensuring any negative experiences they may have with a medical professional are resolved."

About VIP Pain Relief:

Acting as a liaison between back pain sufferers and physicians, VIP Pain Relief provides care coordination services, education and advocacy at no charge to patients. The company believes giving clients a voice and the informational tools to actively take part in their recoveries is crucial to healing.

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