Vinyl Window Frames Offer The Best Insulation Among Other Materials

Window frames can be found in many different materials, and not all of them perform the same way in different areas.

Home windows are the main sources of ventilation and light in a house. If built and installed properly, they can also offer great insulation, and greatly influence heating and cooling costs.

Windows are comprised of several elements; glass, frame, sash, grill, and sill. All of these elements take part in ensuring that the house is provided with enough insulation to keep the cold out in heat in during winter, and the opposite during summer.

Window frames, for example, can be found in many different materials, and not all of them perform the same way in different areas, that is why it is important to know what kind of frames works best in a certain area.

Frames made of vinyl (also known as PVC frames) are known for being energy efficient and the least expensive material for window frames. They have ultraviolet stabilizers to protect materials and keep them from breaking. They also do not require much maintenance, and none painting, in addition to offering good moisture resistance. Having the hollow cavities of PVC frames filled with insulation, they provide even more insulation than wood frames.

Aluminum, or metal, frames are known for being thin, solid, and strong. They almost require no maintenance. Their downside is that they conduct heat quickly, and thus offering little insulation when compared to other material.

Although composite (fibrex) frames are expensive, they compensate for that by being very energy-efficient and durable. They are made of wood products and laminated strand lumber, which makes them very stable and causes them to almost the same thermal properties of wood frames, in addition to better moisture resistance.

Fiberglass frame, on the other hand, can be expensive, but do not promise the same durability as composite frames. They have hollow cavities that can be filled with insulation, just as PVC frames, giving them great energy efficiency.

Wood frames are the most expensive frame material. They require lots of maintenance in order to preserve their durability, and they insulate houses well enough. They also expand and contract due to weather conditions.

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