Vintage Replicar Launches Inaugural Line Of Vintage Porsche 356-1 Replicas

Vintage Replicar launches line of vintage Porsche 356-1 replicas concentrating solely on quality and attention to detail.

Originally created in 1948, the Porsche Type356-1 initiated the legacy of the Porsche name. Although the design of the body was a first for Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche, the inner mechanics were based largely on the Volkswagen Beetle created by his father. This two-seated, open roadster featured an air cooled, flat 4 engine offering 40 horsepower. While this model paved the way for later Porsche models, only one 356-1 was ever built, making a replica of this prototype the envy of any vintage vehicle collector. In light of this fact, Vintage Replicar has launched their inaugural line of timeless facsimiles, a vintage replica of the Type356-1.

"We are extremely pleased with our new replica of the 356-1," said Mark Gomez of Vintage Replicar, "The blue print creation and sculpting process alone took years to complete. Following extensive research and engineering, we have developed a strong, durable, lightweight chassis for our 356-1 replica. All our replicas are manufactured with materials that are as weightless as possible while offering utmost sturdiness. Our replicas are a high quality, fun and less expensive alternative to the original. When replica vehicles first made their appearance on the market, the public tended to veer away from non-originals because they lacked quality and authentic appearance. Advances in quality, manufacturing and technology have shed a whole new light on replica production. Our attention to detail makes our replicas impossible to distinguish from the originals."

Gomez went on to say, "Public demand has increased exponentially, thanks to these improvements in the replication industry. When choosing our replicas, our clients can expect show quality items, often at a quarter of the price of their classic original counterparts. These clone cars feature less complicated repair than originals and are less difficult to find replacement parts for. Additionally, replica owners can look forward to greatly reduced insurance premiums than when dealing with originals. This decrease in the cost of owning a Porsche N01 replicar, combined with the lower expenses of parts, repair and insurance coverage, have led to a surge in the popularity of vintage replicas. Since the 356-1 replica is currently our exclusive offering to the public, we have the freedom to concentrate solely on the quality and precise detail of this model. Exclusivity is what sets us apart from our competitors."

About Vintage Replicar:
Vintage Replicar is the public's premier manufacture of the Type356-1 replicar. They proudly offer quality and accuracy in every replication of this flagship of the "Type356-1" enterprise they produce. Their unique attention to detail is evident in every vehicle they create and they strive for constant improvement.

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Organization: Vintage Replicar
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