Vintage Lightening Introduces New Products In Store

Vintage Lightening was founded last year, in September and they are constantly improving their offerings and services. Although, this is ‘’young’’ company, it offers delivery to the whole world! On the territory of the United Kingdom, the delivery service is free.

Vintage Lightening is selling products that can be loved or hated by the customers. In any case, there is no middle. It has to be hard looking for the place in today’s world with offers like these.

United Kingdom Jan, 26 2016

Beaconsfield: Vintage Lightening adds new product to their offer. Some products are already available and others are going to be any time soon. This company is well-known for offering unique products to their customers from all over the world. At this moment, they are adding vintage pipe lamps, with clock and interesting design.

The spokesperson of the Vintage Lightening said "Our offer was big, but we must advance if we want to make our customers 100% satisfied. Currently, we have updated our offer for 70 products, but more will come. All of them are interesting and will look great anywhere you place them. Right now, they are available on our website. Even better, we are updating it constantly so there will be more offers in the near future" In addition, the company announced that they are trying to improve the relations with customers.

Vintage Lightening also claims that their products look old, but they are based on latest technology. This means that they don’t use too much electricity and they are using energy efficient bulbs.

On the other side, the company is offering certain discounts to customers and free delivery. These discounts are up to 50% and always there are a few of them. Getting the best and the most affordable lightening is easy.

The company claims that all products are eco-friendly and they don’t cause any issues with the environment. In addition, the aforementioned spokespersons said "Our products may look old, but they are the latest". The company works with well-known restaurants and objects that need this type of lightening.

The company is well-known for unique offer and purpose they offer to customers. Even better, they received numerous awards during the last year and probably are going to continue doing so in 2016. According to the data they announced, the sale of vintage lightening is increasing in the United Kingdom, due to the fact people link old lightening and items with style and luxury. Some of the most luxurious restaurants in London, use this type of additions in order to impress their guests. An interesting survey, found that the amount of people, who has some interest in old things or things that just look old is increasing as well. That’s why more and more companies offer this type of services to the clients from the whole planet.

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Address: Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Phone: +44 330 043 9868

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