Vinson Resolution Management, LLC, Introduces Capital Funding

Vinson Resolution Management, LLC, offers capital funding for larger, meritorious litigation. With funding from VRM, claimants can find funding for financing expensive litigation costs.

Litigation finance is increasingly important for litigants seeking to recover for claims that might otherwise be too expensive for them to pursue. Further, litigation finance can offer a way to hedge the financial risks that are inherent in the litigation process. Vinson Resolution Management offers a way for individuals, businesses, and attorney’s to utilize litigation finance in order to achieve multiple strategic objectives.

VRM can help attorneys grow and develop existing client relationships by providing clients with strategic funding options to allow them to pursue their claims while managing and mitigating the financial risks. VRM also offers attorneys access to new client opportunities that may allow them to grow their client base. VRM’s financing options allow attorneys and their firms to take cases they may not normally be able or willing to accept on a contingency fee basis. They can also assist litigators to accommodate clients who seek alternative-fee arrangements.

Individuals and businesses with meritorious legal claims often find the costs associated with pursuing litigation prohibitive, or they feel that the uncertainty and financial risks involved with these claims are too great. Litigation finance can be used to mitigate financial risks, monetize a litigation asset, retain effective counsel and free up working capital to be allocated to core business activities rather than legal budgets.

The VRM approach to assist clients in resolving legitimate and meritorious commercial disputes is two-fold. First, the company conducts a thorough evaluation of the claim. This includes the analysis of numerous factors that can influence the likelihood of achieving a successful resolution. After a thorough case review, VRM can provide capital funding to pay for the costs of litigation. The company has leveraged over 35 years of experience in providing trial strategy, jury selection advice and litigation consulting services to thousands of clients involved in state and federal cases through the United States and in foreign venues. Providing capital to litigants is a natural extension of this experience.

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About Vinson Resolution Management, LLC: Vinson Resolution Management (VRM) is a United States-based financial services firm providing capital for the funding of meritorious commercial litigation. VRM is the only litigation finance company that takes an objective, scientific approach to case risk analysis. Known as the VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM, VRM’s proprietary technology uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical modeling processes to assess the merits of a claim and the potential for financial success.

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