Viettel Introduces Loyalty Point Programs – Cong Viettel for the Customers

Viettel has recently introduced its Loyalty point programs for the customers. Through this program, it will give Loyalty points to the customers from which they can benefit.

Viettel has launched its latest program of Loyalty points, Cong Viettel that will be rewarded to the customers. The company is offering special points to all the loyal customers who have been using their service for a long time. They can collect the points and use them later to exchange with other services provided by the company.

At a recent press meet, the present CEO of the company stated, “We appreciate the fact that a lot of people have been using our mobile network services for a long time. Therefore it is time to reward them for their loyalty. Thus we have come up with this new program through which customers can earn Loyalty points and redeem it to get good benefits.”

Viettel is the largest mobile network operator of Vietnam and has been providing seamless service to the users. They have a huge customer base that has been using their services religiously. These Loyalty points can be redeemed by them for various other useful purposes.

When the Chief Marketing Officer of the company was contacted, he added, “Our strong research team has done a thorough survey of the company and came up with this unique plan of Loyalty points. We have the best team that has designed this whole scheme. Our main aim is to reward our ardent users who have chosen our services over others.”

In cong.viettel program, The company is offering points on every recharge of their services. Customers can also earn a good amount of Loyalty points by upgrading their service packs. Therefore more the recharge more is the Loyalty points earned. With the passing of time, the customers will get more opportunities to earn more amount of points which they can redeem with other offers.

“We have brought up this new program to encourage more people to use our services and earn reward points. But the main motive behind this program is sure to reward those loyal customers of the company who have been with us all throughout”, stated Operational Head of

The company offers some easy methods to redeem the Loyalty points earned by the customers. They can easily log into the website of the company and use their points to exchange them with some other service from the company. The users can also download the official app of the service provider and redeem the points from there too. For more information about this program, please visit the website:

Company Profile:
Viettel is the largest mobile network operator of Vietnam. It was established in 2004 and has its headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam. Viettel is solely owned and operated by the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam. The company serves more than 60 million users with their various useful services. They also have other services like cable, internet, and other telecom services. Along with the motto of putting customer at the centre, Viettel has always been the pioneer network to offer customer care policies that are "personalized" to each customer. With, when a customer uses a lot of services at the same time, the system will accumulate points to help customers have the opportunity to upgrade their membership and enjoy privileges granted by Viettel.

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