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Are you finding a company that provides technologically advanced equipment that perfectly meets your needs? If yes, then look no further. Vietcom Gps is a reputed technology company, pioneering in manufacturing equipment and technology services for transportation. The company has self-produced devices and technology services confidently for big data processing, vehicles, and service connection between vehicle owners and customers. A few fields of Vietcom Gps are the design of the GPS management system, camera management system Decree 10, truck camera, 4g black box device, 4g navigation device, cruise monitoring device. Vietcom Gps is a technology company leading in the application of science and technology to transportation. After over 5 years of development, the company has around 20 employees. A system of agents and branches exists throughout the southern provinces: Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, etc. With creativity and enthusiasm, the system of services and products is always innovated, bringing huge advantages to transport businesses and passengers. As of now, Vietcom Gps has 8000 loyal customers and around 40,000 GPS global positioning subscribers.

The company commits: Ensuring peace of mind about customers' interests when using; Quickly addressing essential needs in terms of features and specifications; Respect the commitment and responsibility for the products produced by the company; Always promote technology research from breadth to depth. Always consider the interests of customers as the goal and driving force of the company's development.

The company has worked extensively in the transportation industry, bringing robust security camera solutions for city buses. Their solutions are made to modify transportation systems from security threats and become secure environments for passengers. Their project consulting is only the beginning; customers' services are customized to all clients and span installation support, wireless network design, configuration, end-user training, and finish the site security evaluations to state that nothing is overlooked. In the transportation business, GPS or GPS technology today goes further than only a device to help drivers navigate from locations. With the advancement in mobile apps for logistics mobility solutions, customers can easily locate their vehicles, efficaciously plan drivers' assignments, and manage costs.

Vietcom Gps has now become a Vietnamese brand with global standards followed by customers in electronics and transportation. The company strives to give its employees a friendly working environment with several opportunities to experience as well as boost their capacity. Providing consumers with global quality solutions and transportation equipment at reasonable prices. The company is contributing to the growth of Vietnam's electronics and transportation industry more sustainably and professionally.

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About the Company: Vietcom Gps is a renowned technology company specializing in applying science and technology to transportation.

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Organization: VIETCOM Industrial Investment Co., Ltd
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