Vidinflux Helps Marketers To Captivate Attention Of Visitors And Free Traffic Using High-Converting Social Videos

If you are struggling with finding a better way for creating attention-getting social videos for your marketing campaign, then Vidinflux is a new but effective tool that is able to fulfill your marketing needs today.

Marketers utilizing videos generate their revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers. Social video create 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Those figures show presenting videos on social media can help businesses generate traffic. Unfortunately, this means not any videos posting on social media get results. Users need to have special videos that can stand out and interactive. Videos which are most engaged and interactive on FB or other social media platform are normal. All of them are different from others when they include social elements, beautiful frames, layers, or unique GIFs. Understand the potential of online videos as well as recognize the opportunity in this field, three marketers Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah and Finn Goswami made it easy for struggling marketers through a product called Vidinflux.

Vidinflux is a friendly video marketing software that helps users to turn normal and boring videos into highly converting and engaging videos. The software allows users to attract visitors in seconds per day through videos on FB using a special Social Videos strategy.

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Normally, to create effective, proven and traffic getting social videos, users need will need to buy a software called Camtasia that is currently more expensive. Users have to complete a long process such as create videos, add and animate social elements, find GIFs, create layers, and manually publish their posts on FB without scheduling. However, Vidinflux just requires users to technically follow three simple steps.

The first step is a module creation. Users just need to select videos from YouTube and upload their own or use a URL. Vidinflux software will fetch the most viral and relevant content for FB post or ad of users, publishes it via API and then gets traffic. This is all done with one click only. Next, users can start designing their videos by putting elements like layers, gifs, special effects in a drag and drop dashboard with no tech experience or design expertise required. The last step is about automation. The campaign of users in this step can keep getting traffic 24/7 for them on autopilot. Users also get a full social analytics dashboard with social reactions and engagement report from FB directly.

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Vidinflux allows users to create and publish amazing social videos as big social influencers do on autopilot with no budget needed and little management. Everyone can master this software because there are no technical skills required and everything is explained in the guidelines.

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