VideoBold - Discover How To Create Stunning Macro Film Style Videos That Big Brands Are Using In Minutes

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It is obvious that YouTube and Video Marketing, in general, has absolutely exploded on the Internet over the last several years. With billions of video being uploaded daily, the advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses on YouTube has never been so wide open.

When looking at Google trends, it is clear that video marketing has been pretty solid and consistent for the past five years and many marketing experts confirm that video marketing now is a solid business factor. However, most video marketing is the same, making it stand out and taking market share are really hard. For this, everyone has the same video software tools, and everyone has access to the same paid and zero cost stock video clips. Everyone are making the same kind of FAQ, Explainer and whiteboard videos and slide show garbage for video SEO. That is why Justin Sardi and James Okeke created Videobold - a solution that would allow marketers to create and sell these videos over and over for one low cost.

Videobold “storyline” collection by Justin Sardi and James Okeke includes over 200 “storyline” style videos in the style that big brands use to tell their story. Each of the 200 macro films and complete standalone productions, ready to go, out of the box. Including storyboarding, scripting, shooting editing, post production and a music and voiceover soundtrack.

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Over 19 disparate “film making styles” with multiple variations in each, means Videobold is superbly equipped to dominate across various niches and industries; from child health to accounting. From dentistry to action sports suppliers.

With VideoBold Macro Story Film Collection, users will get over 200 videos to choose from in a wide variety of niches. Users can even sell multiple videos to the same clients or offer a recurring model for new videos regularly.

There are all types of styles that users can choose from in addition to the variety of niches. Users simply pick the style that works for them and easily customize to match almost any niche they can think of.

The producers crafted these "storyline" videos specifically with generic voice overs so that users can easily use them right out of the box simply adding their client’s info to the video. The theory is quite simple.

If users would like to customize these, they can do anything they need to from adding or removing the voice tracks, text overlays. Plus the creators are compatible with all the popular video editors. If users do not own one of those, they have got users covered with an exclusive bonus editor.

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Now with Video Bold, users can go on and customize each macro film for their clients, simply by overlaying their logo and a lower third for the call to action or contact info. That makes each film unique to that client and with this league of video production that can be worth 1500 and up. Plus users can create a series of them to cover seasonal and event and location variations. Users can easily get 20 variations for each business. Users can set their own rate as a package, or stick to the rate.

Videobold matters because it is the first time ordinary businesses will have viable access to the big brand style of storyline videos. Users have seen them everywhere, without even noticing. Videobold is an ideal door opener because it is an original style with a very particular purpose that business owners can finally relate to. Any business that cares about its branding and image will be prewarmed to Videobold.

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Name: Gerald I. Smedley
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