Video Series “Mundane Glory” Tells Stories of Youth in China

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Video Series “Mundane Glory” Tells Stories of Youth in China

From the perspective of 4 foreign guests, the program of”Mundane Glory” reveals how the young Chinese people have been striving after the ideals in the new era, new industries, and new jobs. Through immersive experience and in-depth interviews, the foreign guests are immersed in typical workplace scenarios, and take the interviews on occupation, employment, personality, experience, interpreting the stories of each young Chinese people. It vividly depicts the group portraits and qualities of contemporary Chinese youth, introduces to the world the wisdom, diligence, and great energy of young Chinese people from various aspects, highlights the vigorous striving of the old generations, and presents the ideological and spiritual strength contained in the stories of China more vividly.

Young guest Ekaterina Kaligaeva from the Republic of Belarus has been living in Beijing for four years. She has had a deeper appreciation for the changes in the sand-dust weather in the north of China for the past few years. China has made remarkable achievements in desertification control for many years with many good cases. There are generations of people dedicated to the cause in northwest China to turn the desert greener. Ekaterina is leaving for Dingbian County, Yulin in Shaanxi Province in western China to visit Shi Jianyang, a post-90s peer who has devoted himself to desertification control.

James Ryan Nolton from America has seen many traditional buildings with Chinese characteristics during his years living in China. What makes him curious is that there are so many distinctive creations of architecture in unknown villages apart from the noted cities. Ryan focuses on the specific duties of architect Wang Qiuan to reveal how he learns about the requirements of villagers in his design of local rural buildings, and interpret his understanding and self-practice of his new identity. He goes to Wang’s office and several construction sites, and shares with the audience what he saw, heard, and felt through the following shot of his routine work, expecting to find the answer from the contact and communication with the villagers and architects.

Daniela Sena Franca from Brazil used to be a girl who studied rhythmic gymnastics for ten years. She has lived in China for more than ten years. Although she has been engaged in international trade, she always pays attention to sports events in her spare time. She will fly to Chengdu to meet the athlete Yang Fei face to face, get close to his job and, and as a volunteer enter the stadium to experience the behind-the-scenes work of the international competition.

Nicolas Cerutti is an independent photographer has been living in Beijing for ten years. This time, he focuses on the routines work of a headteacher Cui Yan in a Primary School to show her educational idea and practical experience as an ordinary teacher. Nicolas shares what he sees, hears of, and feels with the audience by recording her daily work. He hopes to seek answers in the process of getting along with and communicating with students and teachers. He sets off on his visit to the well-organized school life day after day. The daily work of teachers like Cui is tedious, including teaching, taking children to take part in sports, do eye exercises and extracurricular activities, and correcting homework. It is Cui’s sincere exchange with the students and her efforts that establish the trust between her and her students and make her a real role model for the students. Cui explains to Nicolas the work content of a “headteacher” with practical actions.

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