Video Content Marketing: An Effective Way to Boost Sales

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Video content marketing is one of the most recent content-advertising trends today. Studies have shown that videos increase the number of site visitors, which leads to increased revenue generation.

In this article, we explain what video marketing is, its benefits to the brand/company and tips that will help you create videos for marketing purposes. We will also discuss a step-by-step procedure on successful video creation and distribution.

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Video Marketing Explained

Video marketing is the creation of video content for a business’ target audiences to boost traffic to the company site, increasing sales and earning revenue. Generally, the material or content is referred to as digital marketing.

Most people are familiar with YouTube marketing, but video marketing goes beyond this. Digital marketing has found its way into social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Video marketing examples include:

Product or Service Videos – Videos explaining how to use a product or service and the benefits it avails in a short, precise manner.

Brand Introduction Videos – Short videos that introduce your brand/ company to the market and potential clients.

How-To Videos – Explainer videos that elaborate on how to do something. Like brand introduction videos, they are short and explain what the customer needs to do.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

There are multiple gains that brand owners can reap from using videos in their marketing strategies. We discuss some of the benefits below.

Increased Revenue

Video content has higher conversion rates compared to written material — the ultimate goal of any marketing plan. Statistics show that video content has a 70% conversion rate. Other forms of content marketing conversion rates are slightly lower. Why not incorporate video marketing into your content strategy?

Creates Real Connections with Your Audience

Creating connections with your customers leads to increased traffic. Written content cannot achieve this optimally, but videos can. How? Videos are accompanied by music, tone of voice that makes the message more reassuring and facial expressions that the viewers can see.

The results are not instant; customers will not necessarily buy the product immediately, but the thought will be embedded in their mind. Once attained, the idea will affect the decision-making process of the consumer, and they will most likely buy your product or employ your services.

The Production Process Is Easy

Years back, the video production process was expensive and took months before you could get concrete material to present to customers. However, with the advancement in technology, a smartphone can be used to shoot a video and publish it online instantly.

Video companies are available to assist you with video content marketing at much lower rates than before. Check to ensure the quality of the videos is topnotch before you publish it on the various channels.

Enhances Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a bit old- fashioned. But if this is your cup of tea, you can add some sugar to it by including videos. Videos in emails have increased click-through rates, making email campaigns much more effective in generating sales.

Better Viewer Retention Rate

Audiences are more likely to watch a video longer than read through pages of written content. You can use videos to improve your written material’s conversion rates.

Gauge Feedback on Marketing Effectiveness

It is extremely hard to determine how effective written material, such as blog posts, is. How can you tell how much of the content users grasped and what action they took? It is hard to ascertain how many times they revisited the content.

Built-in feedback loops in videos will help you measure the number of times the clips were watched, points of drop off and the click-through rates for each piece.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Research shows that videos can increase your website ranking by up to 53 times. This means that the chances of your site appearing on the first page of Google and other search engines is high. Well-optimized videos will improve your SEO and keyword searches online, thereby driving traffic to your site and increasing revenue.

Higher Customer Attention

Grabbing the attention of the customer is vital. Engaging videos are entertaining to watch, and because of this, they are effective channels that capture the mind of the addressees.

Better Engagement with Your Audience

Your target market is most likely to give feedback, comment, respond to the call to action and share video content if it works for them. Statistics show that audience engagement with visual content is higher compared to other forms of content marketing, such as blog posts, how-to’s and lists.

Feedback from customers and comments about our products facilitate the improvement of the quality of the product. You can also use the questions and comments to create the topics for the next videos.

Technology Favors Video Marketing

Video production has been on the rise. Why? Technology favors the use of video for marketing instead of written content. Social media platforms are great examples of how technology has been recreated to favor marketers who use videos to relay information. YouTube offers auto-play and in-video ads that viewers can watch as they engage with the content on the site.

How Do You Create a Video Marketing Plan that Works?

Video marketing requires a plan that will help the team/ individual execute the strategy effectively. Without such a plan, the company may publish irrelevant content, which can lead to poor sales and other financial losses. You should have the project outline in place before you do anything else; it will be the foundation and guide that you and your team can refer to at any time during execution.

Follow these five steps to create your video marketing plan:

1. Define the Goal of the Project and What You Want to Achieve

Defining the objective of the marketing plan assists the team to remain focused throughout. Without achievable and realistic goals, the plan cannot kick off. What do you want to attain with the content you are releasing?

After you answer this question, sit down with the marketing team and write down specific, time-bound goals. Ensure that the goals reflect what you stand for as a company/brand, and what the product/ service will accomplish.

Emphasize how the product is a sustainable solution for a problem your potential customer-base faces. Introduce who you are to the customer, what you are offering and explain the benefits that they will reap from the product/service.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Having a clear video marketing strategy is not enough. The content needs to reach the appropriate audiences and trigger a response. Identifying the location of your audience is also essential. Your target market may be on Instagram, but you are posting on Facebook or Snapchat.

Research the buyer persona now; define who the customer is and the problems he or she faces at the start of the project to save you from any major blows later.

3. Identify Existing Gaps in the Market

Gaps in the target market are the solutions that customers are looking for. Take the time to check what your competitors are publishing; are there any gaps they have not addressed? If so, your videos can show how your product/service fills these gaps. What can you improve on, depending on what they already have, or what can you do better?

Another approach you can take is to audit your content for areas you have missed if you have been in the industry for a long time.

4. Outline What Makes Your Product/Service Unique

You must differentiate your products or services from everything else already on the market. Uniqueness helps your brand stand out from the crowd while still upholding the business values.

The Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is everything about your product or service that makes it different from your competitors. The UVP can be hard to conceptualize sometimes but brainstorming together with your marketing team can help you pick out the benefits of your offering that only it can provide to your potential customers.

5. Compile the Plan

Create a content marketing funnel that puts together vital information from the previous steps. The sales funnel will contain the publishing channels and mediums, the gaps that the video content seeks to address, how it will effectively relay the intended information and if it fits in the target market.

Six Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Strategy Effective

Now you know how to plan your video campaign, but how do you execute it? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Use the following information to create a successful video marketing campaign:

1. Keep the Videos Brief

Long videos do not do your marketing plan any good. Keep the videos short, accurate and to the point. Make sure the videos convey the intended information in the first 10 seconds of the clip. Anything beyond the first 10 seconds is a bonus for internet users. Catch their attention at the very beginning instead of waiting for three minutes to get the information to the viewers.

2. Make Sure the Videos Are Interesting

Hundreds of other video marketers are posting videos every minute. To stand out, you will need to provide information about a product or service in an interesting way. Check what the best video marketers are doing and improve on this. Ensure that the video content is relevant and draws the audience to your brand. Aspects you can cover include:

Customers’ success stories – Share the positive experiences of people who have used your product or service before. Invite customers to feature in the video to give them a chance to speak for you or act as your brand advocates.

Behind-the-scenes video shoot – A glimpse behind-the-scenes is a great way to involve your customers in the brand development process as well as help learn about the product/service.

Explain the product concepts – Define product or brand terms to break down complex concepts for your audience.

Ask for audience involvement – Acknowledge feedback and respond to comments in the next video or the comments section. Thank-you videos are a perfect way to build a loyal customer support base as well as increase the awareness of your brand on different platforms.

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3. End the Clip with a Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) at the end of the video should be similar to written content marketing. It advises the customer on what action he or she should take next, for example, subscribe, buy or visit a link for more information about the product/service. The CTA does not have to be at the end of the video; you can include it in the middle or at the beginning of the video.

4. Check Your SEO

Optimize your videos to boost traffic to your site. Using SEO assists search engines to know what your content is about. Videos descriptions — common on YouTube — are ideal for users that have hearing problems. They can understand what the video is about from the description without listening to it.

5. Distribute the Video

Share the video on as many platforms as possible. Social media is a great place to start. Other places to share your content include your website, your email list, and on video-sharing sites.

6. Employ Video Press Releases

Video press releases are another way to use video to market your product or service. A video press release, like a written press release, gives the audience news about something, such as the launch of a company, product, or service. It can be about any event happening around your brand or industry.

The Bottom Line

Video content marketing is a great channel for helps businesses grow. You are leaving money on the table if you don’t use video as part of your content marketing strategy.

We hope this guide helps you to start using this effective marketing tool immediately, but if you are still at a loss about what to do, or you don’t have the time to figure it out, prReach can help you. Contact us today at to talk to one of our experts about starting a video press release campaign.

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