Victory 8 Shares Information On The History Of Chinese Chess

Victory 8 talks about the history of Chinese chess, and its similarities and dissimilarities with original chess.

Victory 8 is an online website that shares information about various games. A company representative shares information on the history of Chinese chess. Chess was originated from India, where it was known as the Saturanga in India. In the east, it was known as Chess. There is a lot of similarities between chess and Chinese chess, from gameplay to strategies to chess pieces.

Chess which was originated in India moved to China and was changed according to the Chinese culture. The chess pieces of Chinese chess are designed similar to the original chess, which makes it easy for the people who know original chess. However, there are certain changes in Chinese chess that one can see. There was no Artillery in the chessboard until 960. The river was also added to the Chinese chessboard which created several ways. Similar to original chess, Chinese chess has 32 chess pieces divided equally for each side 16 Black (Blue) and 16 White (Red) pieces. 7 out of 16 pieces include General, Statue, Si, Rook, Knight, Cannon, Pawn. Chinese chess is also played between 2 players.

The representative from the company that talks about the changes that were made in chess to make it Chinese chess. The changes were made to suit the national spirit of the nation of the people. There are 64 moves in original chess, whereas, in Chinese chess, there are 81 moves, which was made possible only when they used the road to move and place pieces instead of tile. There are certain boundaries in Chinese chess. They have laid out “ha” that serves as a border to assist the chessboard increase by 9 points, which means 90 points. Tuong was given the name to the flag in Chinese chess, whereas, in Vietnam, it has been called chess since the dawn of the game. One of the keys to winning in this game is to defend the army and attack the opponent’s army.

One can see the rise in the popularity of chess games in Vietnam in recent years. It has become an interesting and intellectual game. The popularity of chess is so much in Vietnam, that it has now come online. One can play online chess games and can sharpen their skills.

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