Vibration Machines – Review Group Unveils 22 Critical Assessment Questions for Buyers

CWGLive, a consumer product review group, has unveiled a list of 22 critical assessment questions for researchers and potential buyers of vibration machines. The group expects this questionnaire to better equip the potential buyers.

CWGLive, a consumer product review group, has unveiled a list of critical assessment questions for researchers and potential buyers of vibration machines. The list of questions was released online, in form of an interactive quiz that a potential consumer can fill to assess their vibration technology requirements. This was launched as a core component of the group’s launch of their new website

"We are happy to announce the launch of our new online critical assessment questionnaire", said an excited Sudeshna Dey, the founder of CWGLive. "Over the past five years, we have been reviewing several products. An extended part of our team has been involved with reviewing vibration machines over almost the past three years now, helping buyers identify the appropriate vibration machines that would suit their health conditions and meet their vibration exercise objectives. This quiz is a manifestation of the experience gathered by our team over this period of time."

With a list of 22 questions that CWLGive expects consumers to take only a few minutes to fill, Dey believes that the real value-add will be to eliminate market confusion. The vibration machine market is a fairly new one, and there are a number of new players in this market along with a few brands that have so far survived the test of time to some extent and have gathered reputation.

Dey mentioned that the market has “a lot of confusion” in it, with insufficient research material for the consumer, and this new launch will help eliminate a lot of this confusion that puzzles and paralyzes a significant fraction of potential buyers of vibration machines.

Whole body vibration machines are driven by a set of different technologies that are capable of producing vibration, and thereby producing impact on the health of the vibration exercise takers. Different vibration frequencies and amplitudes, produced by a large number of subtly different vibration types such as linear, pivotal, oscillating, spiral and sonic vibrations, are believed to have significantly different impacts on people with different health conditions and different objectives such as muscle building, health maintenance and fat loss, etc.

Dey was further quoted saying, "Given the different types of vibrations, and the significantly different impacts that it can have on one’s body, makes it important to critically assess the health conditions and objectives of the buyer, before the buyer actually buys their machine. The difference of choices of technology can create a make-or-break difference of user experience. A machine great for one individual can be useless and even dangerous for another individual – and hence we believe taking our quiz could make a really significant difference to potential buyers."

While launching would have already been a noteworthy event for the CWGLive group, the launch of the renewed critical assessment quiz was termed the key milestone achievement for the group. A member of the group mentioned, in condition of anonymity, that key value of the quiz would be delivered to the customer if and only if it is taken before buying a vibration machine, and further, it will also give the casual researcher a fair insight into the vibration technology requirements for different types of conditions.

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