Vibration Machine Review Brand of Reputed Group Moves Web Channel within a Week of Launch

KnockYourVibe, the vibration machine review brand of the CWGLive group launched a week back, moved their web channel to a new web portal. The group cited better alignment of their work objectives with the new portal name as the reason.

CWGLive, a consumer product review group, has announced moving their newly launched KnockYourVibe brand from their originally launched web domain to a new web domain. Originally using as the group's official review portal, the group has moved to a new portal earlier today, hostedon This move comes within a surprisingly short span of a week from the launch of their new dedicated brand for whole body vibration machines.

Sudeshna Dey, the owner of the CWGLive brand, addressed the internal team earlier today, in a small gathering. “This morning, we have formally completed moving our KnockYourVibe vibration machine review channel to a new portal – This includes moving the entire web portal including all its internal information channels, while keeping the structure of the portal the same, including the design, look-and-feel, and functionality. With the launch of the new portal, we now are formally on a globally accepted review outlet. This is a logical move, as our primary focus is on reviewing multiple vibration machine brands and model on the same portal”, said Dey.

However, the fact remains that the KnockYourVibe brand was launched only a week back on the 22nd of January, 2015. The time gap between the launch and the recent movement is significantly low. The movement to the new web channel may have come too soon after the original launch, an industry expert mentioned on condition of anonymity.

On this note, Dey was further quoted saying, “This decision has not been taken overnight. Some careful thinking has gone in the process. While the .reviews TLD (worldwide web top level domain) was non-existent a few years back when we had launched the CWGLive brand, I feel that now is the right time to unleash and enjoy the sheer objective branding power that the new TLD has to offer. In other words, this cannot be called a hasty move by any stretch of imagination.”

Whole body vibration machines are exercise machines having a motorized vibration platform. The end-users of these machines take exercises by standing up on the platform while the motor provides high-frequency vibrations to the bodies of the users. The body of a vibration machine user would vibrate with a significant frequency and amplitude. The significant acceleration and deceleration that the body experiences, in turn, effectively translates to physical exercises.

“There are six core vibration technologies available in the market today”, Dey explained. “Not all vibration technology is suitable for each individual. While some technologies are good for some individuals with one set of physical conditions and requirements, other technologies are good for individuals with another set of physical conditions and requirements. Using our quiz that has been refined for many years within our brand portals as well as commercial partners, we pin down some of the key factors that would influence your choice of vibration machines, and help you identify the set of vibration machines that use the set of technologies appropriate for the needs of our customers.”

It remains to be seen over the upcoming period of time, whether the consumers show acceptance to this rather speedy movement of the web channel of the KnockYourVibe brand.

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