Vibe Strings Releases New Acoustic Guitar Strings Range On

New arrivals on the string manufacturing scene, Vibe Strings announce the release of their first phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings range.

Vibe Strings are made in USA and draw on 40+ years experience in crafting excellence to offer a new range of strings to discerning guitarists. Focusing initially on the US market, Vibe Strings are exclusively available on

Acoustic guitarists may find themselves changing strings less frequently with the new range of phosphor bronze guitar strings available from Vibe Strings. The range includes Ultra Light, Light, Medium and Heavy gauge string sets appealing to all guitarists from beginners to professional gigging musicians. Vibe Strings Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings have a longer lasting life-cycle when compared with other guitar string types. They are crafted using corrosive resistant phosphor bronze with each string packaged individually to make restringing easier. Reviews of the new range of strings have commented on a well-balanced feel and sustaining sound, as well as on a brightness and warm tone and longer lasting tuning, all of which will appeal to acoustic guitarists.

Vibe Strings are manufactured in small batches in New York reducing the length of time strings are in storage or in transit from factory. A ‘fresh from the pack' guarantee is offered on all Vibe Strings. Reviews are the main drivers of buyer decision making on and in choosing as its exclusive distributor, Vibe Strings has made its first steps in building a loyal community of musicians who repeatedly reach for Vibe Strings as their go-to strings.

There are a number of factors to be considered when determining what gauge of string best suits playing style. The range offered by Vibe Strings includes Ultra Light for fingering right through to Heavy gauge which are most suitable for heavy chord work and strumming. Phosphor bronze strings give a warm soft tone, retain brightness for longer and cause less ‘pick noise' when a plectrum is used, all of which contribute to the guitarists playing style. As well as sets of six strings, Vibe Strings offers multi-pack sets on which is especially beneficial to guitarists changing strings regularly.

Fran Gaffney, Vibe Strings founder believes the success of Vibe Strings is down to customer experience saying "We recognize that Amazon is a worldwide leader offering peace of mind to us and to our customers. Vibe Strings are crafted in small quantities and with orders fulfilled by Amazon, we are confident that our customers receive the best strings in the best condition, fresh from the pack, guaranteed."

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