Vibe Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings Bright Sound & Fundamental Tone Impresses Bob Harris

Just two short months after launching to market, Vibe Strings new Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings gets 5 Star review for durability, brightness and quality from industry expert Bob Harris.

Bob Harris is no stranger to acoustic guitars having worked professionally as a musician and producer since 1977. His back catalogue includes working with the legendary Johnny Cash amongst others and 15 years as a guitarist for fiddle player Vassar Clements. Bob gigs regularly, owns two recording studios producing primarily acoustic music and with aims to share videos and professional commentary on rising stars and established names in acoustic guitar circles. Stringing his guitar with Vibe Strings Medium Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings, Bob put them to the test by playing at three outdoor gigs in hot and humid New Jersey. Impressed with the durability of sound and solid tone, Bob gave Vibe Strings 5 “Bright and Warm” stars. Read The Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings Review Here and visit Bob Facebook Post About Vibe Strings

Fran Gaffney, Vibe Strings Founder says “We’re delighted to have such high level industry interest and reviews of our strings. It’s humbling to know that we’ve tapped into the essence of a guitarists playing appreciation. Giving each guitarist the very best experience in playing our strings keeps us on track with our vision for Vibe Strings and our continued growth.”

Heavy, Medium, Light and Ultra Light gauge sets make up the Vibe Strings range. Individual strings in each set are packaged in gauge numbered envelopes to make restringing easier, a job which Bob Harris hates to do. The strings are crafted in small batches in New York using corrosive resistant phosphor bronze which extends the life-cycle of the strings. Vibe Strings believe that quality strings should not sit in warehouses but should be made available to play as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. This was a driving force behind the decision to distribute Vibe Strings exclusively to the US market via Amazon where customer reviews are paramount to the buying experience. Real life reviews guide potential customers to choose the best set of strings for their style of playing. All the while Vibe Strings builds a community of loyal customers who comment on the sustaining sound and well-balanced feel of their strings, the bright, warm tone and their longer lasting tuning, which appeals to all levels of acoustic guitarists. Visit to get the Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings.

About Vibe Strings:
Vibe Strings is an Irish company manufacturing strings in New York for the USA market. With more than 40 years experience in crafting string excellence, the company offers a range of acoustic phosphor bronze guitar strings through More product information and further news on the expanding range of strings available from Vibe Strings can be found on the company website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest.

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