Veterans Still Struggling for Benefits

The U.S. Veteran's Department projects that there will be nearly 22 million U.S. veterans in the near future. For many, the process of obtaining veteran's benefits remains a long and tortuous process.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014, was Veteran’s Day.  On that day, the men and women who have given their all to make America what it is were honored.  But despite this annual recognition, a struggle goes on throughout the year to provide veterans the benefits they and their families are due.

In 2010, the Veterans Administration enthusiastically announced a new online veteran’s benefit application process.  It predicted a quick and continual reduction in nagging application reviews.

Administration hopes to the contrary, several years later the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that backlogged veteran’s benefit applications had instead grown to about 848,700 pending applications by mid-year.  In fact, in a shocking revelation, Atlanta-based analyst Kimberly Hughes discovered that as many as 47,786 veterans had died while their applications were pending.

Earlier this year, the VA Claims Backlog Working Group dug into the facts and revealed: “Today, nearly 400,000 men and women who served our nation in the Armed Services are waiting more than 125 days to receive disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs… These Veterans have sacrificed for our country.”  And these are applicants whose benefits have already been approved.

“Those statistics don’t even include the number of veterans and their families who apply for benefits and get denied,” says Kenneth Feyers, Coral Springs, FL-based Veteran’s Disability expert with 15 years in the business of helping Veterans receive their due. “To many vets, the process of applying for benefits is mind-boggling. The main barrier to receiving the benefits that are due is the literal gamut of the process.”

The Veteran’s Administration claims it is doing everything it can within its power to increase the efficiency and accuracy of processing of veteran’s claims, and that success is being made.  To back this up, the Obama Administration offered statistics showing that substantial improvements had been made in correctly assessing a slew of different categories of claims.

However, the American Legion quickly went on record disputing the veracity of the numbers offered to prove the Administration’s success in judging benefit claim applications submitted by veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma and other complex disabilities.

In testimony last year before the House Veterans Affairs subcommittee on disability and memorial affairs, AL Deputy Director of Benefits Zachary Hearn’s testified that the VA’s Monday Morning Workload reports, published as part of its Transparency Program, highly inflated the VA’s accuracy in deciding complex veteran benefit claims. “The VA’s numbers are not consistent with and stand in stark contrast to the American Legion’s own reports,” he added firmly.

“Earlier this year a lady came into the office in tears,” Mr. Feyers recounted. “After being turned down for survivor’s benefits twice in the previous three years, she was devastated. After digging into it, the firm found a number of small errors and fixed them. Within five months her benefits were in hand. Every ’t’ must be crossed, and every ‘I’ dotted, or there’s a risk of denial.”

For veterans and their families, there are resources out there to assist in the benefits application process — to help with disability benefits, survivor’s benefits, assisted living facilities, and more.  VA Benefit offers them free of charge on the company website, and veterans can go online or contact the Veterans Administration directly.

Kenneth Feyers is the owner of Safety of Principal Wealth Management LLC, a registered investment adviser.  For over 10 years he has helped veterans and their families, working under supervision of accredited VA and elder law attorneys Julie Kronhaus and Heidi Friedman.  He and his firm handle the financial titling and positioning of assets and income that the VA requires.  His personal experience handling the claim of his own family member has enabled him to aid thousands of veterans and their families.  He is a featured speaker at Assistant Living Facilities throughout Florida, having developed an educational process that makes the process as painless as possible.

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