Verlux Launches It’s Early Sale on Cardano / Releases it’s First UI Demo Design

Verlux Releases its First UI Demo Design

Verlux a Cardano Based Cross-Chain NFT Platform has begun its seed sale on Cardano, which will run until December 9th. As of the time of the report, almost 60% of the allotted 25 million tokens have been filled due to its rapid adoption rate and high demand by NFT enthusiasts.

About Velux

Verlux NFT Platform is a new NFT Marketplace based on the Cardano blockchain. Unlike existing NFT marketplaces on Cardano now which operate using a sign-up / login modal, Verlux will tow the path of decentralization by utilizing the connect wallet feature.

Digital creators, Meme makers & artists can utilize the Verlux NFT marketplace to mint their digital works as Non-fungible tokens that would be authentic as the data could be verified on the blockchain in a quick, and easy manner.

Verlux’s Mission

Verlux is on a mission to become the leading NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain and later evolve to a multi-chain digital marketplace where NFTs existing on other blockchains can be inter-tradable on a single interface.

Listing your NFTs on Verlux will be super easy as you would just need to connect a compatible Cardano web-based wallet like Nami & Gero wallet, then click on Mint NFT and you will see a simple form to list your NFT, and you are set!

VLX Token

The Verlux NFT marketplace will be powered by $VLX, the native utility token on the Cardano blockchain. $VLX will be utilized on the platform in multiple ways like for featured NFT listings, Stake To Earn and Also Stake To Earn Featured NFT Drops, Creator Profile verification, and Hot Sellers rewards.

Token Supply

The total supply of $VLX tokens is limited to 1 Billion which means that there can never be more than one billion $VLX tokens in existence.

VLX Initial token distribution is crafted to ensure fair initial distribution to early adopters while also ensuring optimal initial decentralization.

To prevent market manipulation, no Address will have more than 4% of the entire supply of $VLX tokens.

When launched, $VLX token holders will be able to Stake their tokens to earn up to 8% per year in $VLX tokens.

How To Buy VLX Token?

VLX token sale is live now, users can purchase it using the Verlux Token Sale Link here.

This is the first sale before the pre-sale and subsequently the public sale that would herald the token exchange listing.

VLX Seed Sale Price: 1 ADA = 555 VLX
VLX Token Allocation: 25% (250,000,000)

The Road Ahead For Verlux

Verlux team is currently developing the user flow and the overall general layout of the marketplace which will make it stand out among already existing platforms on Cardano Blockchain.

With Verlux, you won’t have to go through the hectic hassle of signing up with an email and password to purchase your Favorite collectible on Cardano, all you need is a wallet.

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Contact Info:
Name: Mathias Grunther
Email: Send Email
Organization: Verlux
Address: Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Release ID: 89054897