Verdmont Capital Launches Verdmont Live Blog

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / Verdmont Capital S.A. is pleased to announce that it has formally launched Verdmont Live – the official Verdmont Capital S.A. blog. As a communication tool the new Verdmont Live blog is designed to provide accessible investment updates, strategies, and opinions to both Vermont clients and non-clients interested in global financial topics.

The Verdmont Live blog is a medium that allows readers to see with greater precision the workings of Verdmont Capital S.A.’s corporate research activities and initiatives. It also provides an opportunity for Vermont to express its opinions with respect to investment strategies and the dynamic nature of global financial developments. The introduction of Verdmont Live, therefore, is an initiative by Verdmont Capital S.A. to provide added value, in a transparent and accurate manner, to its clients and readers alike, above and beyond its existing products and services.

In addition, Verdmont Live is an instrument that effectively distills the overabundance of information available to investors on the internet, and helps simplify the process of staying informed. Verdmont Capital S.A. consistently aims to assist its clients on many levels, and helping readers stay current by providing pertinent and accurate assessments of investment related information through Verdmont Live is one method of doing this.

"At Verdmont our primary goal is to assist our clients in creating wealth," says Scott Gardner, Chief Financial Analyst at Verdmont Capital S.A. "Having clients that are engaged and that have access to accurate industry information, updates on global developments, and informed opinions on investment strategies is a crucial component to achieving this goal. Moreover, we believe that by providing access to data and insight derived from our proprietary research products can only enhance the potential for success."

Verdmont Live contains a growing archived collection of material that covers topics such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, currency, bonds, climate change, and Verdmont Capital S.A.’s Foundation. The blog also contains an abundance of graphs, charts and other useful technical information within many of the posts.

For more information about the Verdmont Live blog please visit Verdmont Live at: For more information about Verdmont Capital S.A. research initiatives please visit our website at:

About Verdmont Capital S.A.

Verdmont Capital S.A. is an independent full-service securities and investment management firm located in Panama City, Panama. Verdmont is a firm with worldwide reach and maintains valued relationships and affiliations with top tier counterparties around the globe. As a result, Verdmont Capital S.A. is able to facilitate client transactions in the world's largest and fastest growing markets. Verdmont offers its clients a wide range of quality services that include, but are not limited to: access to professionally managed discretionary account services, equities and derivatives trading, sophisticated online trading platforms, and access to proprietary investment research. Whatever the clients’ needs, Verdmont Capital S.A. aims to create wealth for them by providing the very best investment products, solutions and advice.

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