Verdmont Capital Foundation Announces 2014 Plans

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / March 5, 2014 / Verdmont Capital is pleased to announce that in April the Verdmont Capital Foundation will once again participate in the purchase and delivery of school supplies and materials to a school in Panama. This year a school in the region of Parita, located in the Province of Herrera, has been identified as the recipient.

Established in 2006 and for nine consecutive years, Verdmont Capital Foundation has been dedicated to the improvement of learning conditions for underprivileged children in Panamanian schools. The Verdmont Capital Foundation provides school supplies, uniforms, and shoes directly to students in an effort to encourage their fulfillment of academic goals. The Foundation recognizes the critical link between these basic necessities and academic success.

The Verdmont Capital Foundation consistently raises approximately USD $25,000.00 per annum by way of donations from Verdmont executives, employees, and clients. Moreover, numerous Verdmont employees donate their time to visit recipient schools and directly participate in the allocation of supplies. In this way, the Foundation, in consultation with the Ministry of Education of Panama, applies a hands-on approach to ensure that funding and support efforts directly impact children in need.

¨The Verdmont Capital Foundation is committed to enhancing opportunities for school children, and recognizes the importance of assisting with basic services for students that are struggling with unfavorable economic conditions,¨ says Verdmont Capital Foundation coordinator Alicia Quezada. ¨After nine years our goal remains the same and that is to provide basic necessities to school children in an effort to encourage academic success. We recognize education to be a fundamental building block to future employment capabilities and opportunities for the youth of Panama.

The Verdmont Capital Foundation Council ensures that one hundred percent of all donations received by the Foundation are applied to the purchase of tangible materials for the recipients. All administration costs, travel expenses, and associated fees above and beyond donations are paid for by Verdmont Capital. And, all participation from Verdmont employees towards the purchase and delivery of supplies and materials is done on a voluntary basis.

For more information about the Verdmont Capital Foundation, or to view our photo gallery please visit our website at: If you have any additional questions or are interested in donating to the Foundation please contact Alicia Quezada at: +507 301 9000, or by email at:

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