Verdek Strives to Make Sustainable Transportation Available to Everyone

Verdek offers fueling stations for CNG and electric vehicles and other solutions.

According to the Electric Drive Transportation Industry, Americans send $1 billion dollars overseas each day for oil with 70 percent of this oil being used for transportation. Switching to electric vehicles and those making use of compressed natural gas could reduce the demand for oil while protecting the environment. "Consumers concerned about making this choice due to a lack of CNG refilling stations and EV solutions need to see what Verdek is doing to correct these issues," Guy Mannino, media spokesperson for Verdek, declares.

Verdek offers a wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles. Whether one needs a level two or level three charging station, Verdek helps and the same is true of those looking for solar panels or solar car charging. "The goal remains to provide charging options for sustainable vehicles to protect the planet, whether one plans to charge their car at home, in a public space or at work. Fast charging options are available also as are multi-family charging stations. Our goal is to accommodate everyone, no matter which type of electric vehicle they choose to drive," Mannino states.

In addition to EV charging solutions, Verdek offers a wide range of CNG/LNG solutions for those who choose transportation of this type. Along with offering CNG filling stations, Verdek provides LNG production and fueling as well as a virtual pipeline. "Not only are these cars increasing in popularity, they run cleaner than those fueled by conventional gasoline and help to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. All natural gas used for this purpose comes from the United States so consumers feel no guilt when they go to drive their vehicle," Mannino goes on to say.

Verdek strives to educate consumers about transportation options. In addition to providing charging stations, the company provides information about a consumer's EV readiness score card, the workplace charging challenge pledge, the clean cities 2013 vehicle buyer's guide and more. "Learn about how you can benefit from a 30 percent federal tax credit on qualified EVSE and CNG projects on our company website. The more you know, the easier it is to make an informed decision when it comes to your personal transportation," Mannino explains.

Verdek remains the leading company in sustainable transportation, offering the best solutions for residential and public EVE charging. The goal continues to be exceeding consumer expectations and the company strives to provide the best solution for each client's requirements. Electric and compressed natural gas vehicles continuously increase in popularity, making EV charging stations and CNG refueling stations of great importance and Verdek recognizes this. The company strives to create a sustainable future while their mission is to switch one company at a time for this sustainable future.

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