VENUS TEARS presents a new line of Pokémon Necklaces available now in the U-TREASURE Pokémon Jewellery collection

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VENUS TEARS is collaborating with U-TREASURE Pokémon Jewellery. A new line of official Pokémon fashion necklaces is available now. To view the beautiful new designs, visit a VENUS TEARS retail location in Singapore and the online store on the VENUS TEARS website.

Jewellery brand VENUS TEARS has added a new line of fashion necklaces and rings to its U-TREASURE Pokémon Jewellery collection. The Fashion line complements the popular bridal collection and provides a beautiful selection of new designs. The new items are available at VENUS TEARS retail locations in Singapore and the online store on the VENUS TEARS website.

A spokesperson for VENUS TEARS said, "We're excited to offer this official Pokémon collection in our engagement rings, and wedding rings categories in Singapore. The U-TREASURE Pokémon Jewellery offers our customers wonderful new ways to express themselves with style."

The new official Pokémon fashion jewellery items feature rings, necklaces, and cases. All are lovingly merchandised in Japan and feature your favourite Pokémon. These items have been trendy in Japan. The new items include the desired Pokémon, such as Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, Gengar, Charizard, Blastoise, and others.

Pokémon Fashion Jewellery is the name given to this category of the collection. These items are gorgeous and filled with fun and happiness. The Pokémon fashion rings are adorable and exquisitely detailed. The Gengar ring captures the charm of this Pokémon perfectly. The cute expression looks like a naughty child with a broad smile and finely tuned eyes. Another, the Charizard ring, captures this Pokémon's fierce look with a dynamic, robust posture. The Blastoise ring is highly textured, poised ready to attack with water cannons extending from its shell. To lift your mood there is a loveable Pikachu ring. With its cute face and puppy dog eyes smiling up at you, it can't help but brighten your day.

Pikachu is also featured in a line of adorable diamond necklaces. The Pikachu necklace has the delightful Pokémon watching over you with Pikachu carefully holding a diamond. The Pikachu & Poké Ball necklace has Pikachu gracefully riding on a diamond-clad Poké Ball. Pikachu's distinctive ears, tail, and charming facial expressions captured in astonishing detail. The adorable and fluffy Eevee is featured on its own necklace. Every detail of the character is perfectly captured, making it the perfect accessory for Pokémon lovers. The attention to detail on these characters will surprise you.

The Electric Type Pokémon Necklaces are perfect for those needing a dose of electric cuteness. The Pikachu Electric Type necklace features a string of cute round cheeks all lined up, forming a beautiful line plate necklace. This necklace is sure to give you a full charge of cheer. Another hot item is the Electric Type Pokémon Lighting necklace, which features a lightning bolt with a beautifully sparkling surface texture that appears to be pure electricity. The back is adorned with Pikachu and Pichu.

A highly popular Poké Ball accessory case is also available, a device for collecting Pokémon. The item has been so sought after that there is currently a maximum of two pieces available per customer. The Poké Ball accessory case is not only great for storing your Pokémon jewellery but also perfect for anniversaries, proposals and gifts. The cases are handmade in Japan with a high-quality wood casing and lacquer finish.

The Pokémon Fashion Jewellery collection features many of your favourite Pokémon. The items are amazingly detailed and available in platinum, K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 rose gold and silver. To find the official Pokémon Jewellery, you can visit your nearest VENUS TEARS shop, or the VENUS TEARS website and online store.

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VENUS TEARS is a cosmopolitan bridal jewellery brand from Japan. They specialize in order-created marriage bands, which are both designed and made in Japan. Known for front line design bridal rings, and high-quality, sophisticated jewellery, VENUS TEARS seduces customers with stunning jewellery at affordable prices.

To meet the demand of its customers, VENUS TEARS offers a wide range of GIA certified diamonds, verified by the most authoritative diamond organization in the world. The company has shops primarily in Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan and has built a loyal and satisfied customer base.

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