VENUS TEARS presents a new collection of Disney Bridal Jewellery

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A new line of Disney Bridal Jewellery is now available at VENUS TEARS retail locations in Singapore. The new Disney Bridal collections feature beautiful and timeless wedding band and engagement ring designs that bring the magic of your favourite Disney stories to exquisite detail.

Jewellery brand VENUS TEARS has added a new line of Disney Jewellery which includes the "Beauty and the Beast Bridal Collection." The new offerings also include Disney's special bridal collections "Steamboat Willie," "Fantasia," and "Tangled." The new items complement VENUS TEARS' popular bridal offerings and provide a beautiful selection of unique designs. These special collections are available now at VENUS TEARS retail locations in Singapore.

A spokesperson for VENUS TEARS said, "We're excited to offer these special Disney Bridal collections in our engagement rings, and wedding rings categories in Singapore. These new Jewellery collections offer our customers so many wonderful new ways to express themselves."

The new Disney Collections have beautiful designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Each collection features unique Disney elements that bring the special magic of the Disney stories to life. Each Disney Story is lovingly reproduced in exquisite detail that will continue to charm for years to come. Some of the items in the collection include a special gift.

Disney Animated movie "Beauty and the Beast" has inspired two lines of bridal jewellery that express intelligence, kindness, sincerity, and true love. The "Sparkle of Love" bridal ring captures the special moment when Bell's affection awakens to true love, and the beast returns to a prince. The spiral of dazzling light that releases the Beast's curse is represented by flowing diamonds and gold beautifully curved into the shape of rose petals. The "Eternal Rose" ring brings the mysterious brilliance of a magical rose into stunning detail as a symbol of eternal love.

Disney's classic animated film "Steamboat Willie" first introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in 1928. Since then, the lovely smiles of Mickey & Minnie have become a symbol of happy lovers around the world. This Disney classic has inspired some fresh and fun jewellery designs perfect for those with a playful and relaxed worldview. The "Two Rhythm" bridal ring expresses the fun rhythm of the humerus Oklahoma Mixer song from the "Steamboat Willie" animation. Three rows of mill beads capture the song's rhythm with Mickey & Minnie's smile on the inside of the wedding ring. For the "Happy Flower" ring Minnie's trademark hat flower is hidden behind the diamond giving this classy ring an attractive, charming finish.

Disney's "Fantasia" is a masterpiece that fuses music and video to reveal a vivid and fantastic work where Mickey Mouse dreams up miracles in his blue magic hat. This unique "Fantasia" bridal collection uses Blue Sapphire to evoke the magic and beauty of this fantasy world. Exceptional high brilliance "Heart & Cupid" diamonds reveal a Cupid arrow when viewed with a special scope. The Magic emitted by Mickey's sparkles in the night sky reveals itself in the "Dazzling Star" ring. A beautifully twisted band of diamonds around the arm represents the orbit of a magnificent and fantastic star.

Disney's animated movie "Tangled" is a beautiful story about the courage to step into a new world. The moving Disney story has inspired four lines of bridal rings in the Disney "Tangled" Rapunzel collection. The "One Wish" bridal ring represents Rapunzel's only wish to see the mysterious light shining in the night sky, which is an elegantly hidden side of the diamond. The "Shining world" bridal rings represent Rapunzel's freedom with a dynamic form reminiscent of her long hair.

The Disney Bridal collection features design concepts from classic Disney stories that are beautifully detailed. All the rings in this bridal collection are available in platinum, yellow gold, and pink gold. Unique engravings are available for the engagement rings and wedding rings that evoke special moments and meaning from these memorable Disney stories. To find the Disney Bridal Jewellery collection visit your nearest VENUS TEARS shop in Singapore.

VENUS TEARS is a cosmopolitan bridal jewellery brand from Japan. They specialize in order-created marriage bands, which are both designed and made in Japan. Known for front line design bridal rings, and high-quality, sophisticated jewellery, VENUS TEARS seduces customers with stunning jewellery at affordable prices.

To meet the demand of its customers, VENUS TEARS offers a wide range of GIA certified diamonds, verified by the most authoritative diamond organization in the world. The company has shops primarily in Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan and has built a loyal and satisfied customer base.

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