Venus Factor Losing Weight has Never been so easy, John Barban unhinges the secret

The Venus Factor – The Ultimate Weight Loss Program Now Unveiled by John Barban

Venus Factor is a brand new scientifically proven weight loss program that is designed especially and only for ladies considering their different metabolic needs. It is a no-exercise, no-diet restrictions system for ladies that brings out fast and long term results within no more than just 12 weeks’ time. It is an easy to understand and easy to follow ladies-only nutritional program that tells the exact schedule for what to eat and what not to eat during what times of the day considering the feminine physiological needs.

John Barban found this incredible weight loss system for women based on research studies on female metabolic system. The research discoverers found a master fat burning hormone named as Leptin that is possessed by every human species. Though, it works differently for both men and women. Women have been discovered to have possessed Leptin hormone twice as much as men do. Henceforth, if females eating cycles do not match the feminine leptin needs, they, in spite of doing rigorous exercises and following restricted diet plans will not be able to lose weight, instead, they will gain even excess weight.

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This hormone called Leptin is said to control almost 100% of the body’s ability to lose fat, and when its levels are high it may signal the body to burn fat by accelerating the metabolism. Contrarily, its lower levels may signal the body to store fat, and that too by slowing down the overall metabolism of the body. The problem begins when women starts to diet. When they diet, their Leptin levels can drop twice as much and twice as fast as compared to men. As mentioned earlier, if Leptin levels are dropped, the body is signalled to store even more fats, resultantly, women find it frustrating to lose weight at the desired level.

Venus Factor is designed keeping in focus these feminine metabolic needs as well as leptin requirements. It gives out leptin-rich foods and a 12 week workout plan. This program, if followed to the letter and spirit, successful results will be witnessed during the first weeks of total 12 weeks. The program consists of training manuals and instruction guide to help assist losing weight. Also there is an online community for Venus Factor users called Venus IMMERSION where people of all categories are there from beginners to success achievers. It is an open forum for anybody who has any confusion or questions or wants to witness success stories of Venus Factor users.

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