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Venapro acquired natural hemorrhoid treatment blog as part of its media distribution arm.

Venapro is a trusted manufacturer of all-natural effective hemorrhoid treatment kits. At the same time, is a blog dedicated to the education of using natural ingredients to treat hemorrhoids at home. Both Venapro and Hemorrhoids Home Remedy share the same dedication to making natural and effective hemorrhoid treatments available for the wider public. This acquisition will help more people learn about the benefits of using Venapro and combine the research personnel of both companies.

Hemorrhoids are a common condition that affects 1 in 20 people. Although there are many commercial hemorrhoid treatments in the market, many have formulas with synthetic chemicals. These commercial treatments are often in the form of creams or suppositories.

Many patients say they would prefer a different format for treating their hemorrhoids. This is because creams and suppositories need direct contact with the affected area. Making contact during treatment difficult due to the sensitivity caused by the inflammation.

There is also a shift for consumers looking for natural remedies and treatments. This is attributed to the concern of side effects from using synthetic chemicals, dissatisfaction with market treatments, and a preference for using organic and natural ingredients.

Venapro sees the need for a new type of hemorrhoid treatment. One that uses the healing effects of natural ingredients without sacrificing efficacy.

Thus, Venapro has released an all-natural hemorrhoid treatment set. It comes in an oral spray format, making it a quicker and more effective remedy for hemorrhoids. The company has many satisfied customers. Many of whom have their hemorrhoids get better in as fast as a week. Venapro's formulation beats other all-natural hemorrhoid treatments as theirs is backed by research.

Their passion for helping others helps them learn more about a better all-natural hemorrhoid treatment leading to Hemorrhoids Home Remedy. started as a passion project of John Bloggs. The goal was to help people who were frustrated with commercial treatments. If they weren't working, why not try effective, natural treatments they can do at home?

That was a lightbulb moment for John. It catapulted him to share his various learnings and treatment experiments in Hemorrhoids Home Remedy. The blog shared everything from recipes of DIY suppositories to commercial hemorrhoid treatments promising improvement.

Venapro realized their shared passion for Hemorrhoids Home Remedy and reached out to John with a Venapro treatment set. Like most customer reviews, John noted that it was one of the few commercial hemorrhoid treatments that actually worked. And their products were natural!

Ever since then, Venapro has found to be a great addition to the brand. Both are dedicated to natural and effective treatments. Both do extensive research on the subject matter. And both brands are dedicated to helping consumers ease their pain due to hemorrhoids.

"I'm excited to see the direction of where Hemorrhoids Home Remedy is headed," said John. "I started this project to help people who were just as frustrated as I was. I'm pleased to partner with Venapro, and I believe this partnership would allow me to help more people."

Venapro is a trusted health and beauty brand founded in 2002. The brand's headquarters are in Newark, Delaware. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to their customers. Research and development are at a premium to make this mission possible. The products are available via the official website, online retailers, and major retail stores such as Walmart. For more information about Venapro, please visit or call +1 (302) 684-6186.

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